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    wood burner central heating

    Do you really need to complicate things with a back boiler and rads? If you can circulate hot air from the room where the stove is located, then you wont need the rads. It might be as simple as opening doors.
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    Modernisation/Renovation Project Advice needed!

    You also mention having a wood burner. I know they are really popular at the moment but consider the actual running costs. Unless you can get hold of large quantities of wood for free, it won't save you any money. I've just worked out the running cost of ours against the gas saving. We only...
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    matching the colour on 2 different woods

    I just matched a new staircase to old one using a combination of Dye and Stain. Pictures here It took some time and testing but it's looking good. I'm sure you can a match on the floors. Make sure you go for spirt based varnish rather than the quick drying that the sheds stock.
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    digital freeview

    If you've got a good signal to start with you don't need an amplifier or active spliter. I've got 6 TV's running of one aerial using a passive splitter.
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    digital aerial quote

    More than likely Yes it's rip off. If she's getting a good picture on analogue with the current arial, she won't need to have anything replaced to get digital. A new arial and cable (materials C £60 max) labour on top shouldn't add up to £340.
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    Cheers, Bleak

    Cheers, Bleak
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    Stain / Varnish- the difference

    I've just finished my new stairs, matching the old stair case. I used a combination of wood dye followed by stain (coloured varnish) to get the right effect. Both spirit based. I find the waterbased "stains" are hard to get a good finish and end up hidding the beauty of the wood. The...
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    Earth wiring fault!

    The wire is routed across the cellar at your neck height. Only 5% of gas engineers would notice it because the rest are midgets. Or streched across the top step as a trip hazard and your mate only warns 1 in 20 people about it.
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    chipping off old render

    Thanks Richard, Now I've got something else to look in to. I had considered insulating but the cost for me, at the moment is too much. I'll be happy if I can can keep the inside dry. I'll be under the under the 24% as its only the front and I've got the gable end and back that I'm leaving as...
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    drilling big hole through wall (core)

    You might not have a clear space straight down. The flue is likely to have kink in it so you might drill into solid brick in the centre. Just a thought. As you've not got a core drill, I wouldn't bother, Just stitch drill and chisel.
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    chipping off old render

    I've just started chipping off the render on the front of my house. It's in really bad nick and I'm getting penetrating damp in patches. The tyrolean just pulls off, the coat underneath is dusty, the base coat falls off in parts ( with a little help from a breaker drill with a flat chisel)...
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    Loft conversion........sort of

    Another idea to consider, lower the upstairs ceilings. If you can loose 300mm of ceiling height and handle the disruption you could gain about 250mm in the loft. If you had a dorma as well it could make a practical room.
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    Why massive wooden staircase?

    I thought you wanted to talk about design. :evil: No I don't want to buy what you have to offer, I not remotely interested. Bye Bye
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    white residue on sealed slate tiles

    Sealer applied to thick can leave a white bloom. Wipe on and wipe off, apply a few coats.
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    Why massive wooden staircase?

    What alternatives are there? How about a powered hoist for up and pole for down :? . Building Control would have a bit to say about it. I went a bit different on the stairs to my loft, but its still lots of wood. There are metal staircases available, a single tube with treads on...
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    Double glazed box sliding sash windows

    Thanks, I'll remember to wear goggles and hard hat next time I stand next to the dart board. JPDW, Thanks for your comments. It's been lot of work to do one, mainly on the design side, the next ones will be much quicker. When its broken down in to stages the woodwork skills needed are...
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    Double glazed box sliding sash windows

    Finished and fitted Now - on to the other 6
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    DIY Loft Conversion

    Thanks Etienne The advantage I've had over professonals is time and inclination to get it right. That's often the benefit of going down the DIY route. Cheers Andy
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    CH to loft conversion

    Agreed, converting from vented to sealed has to be a proper job. If your CH system isn't a sealed one, the cheaper option would be make sure the header tank is higher than the highest radiator. If its not already then - a timber frame to raise it, some copper pipe and a few straights...
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    CH to loft conversion

    I did to my loft conversion. You need a sealed central heating system, unless you header tank is above the new radiator in the loft. I tee'd off the flow and return at a convienient point in the first floor and took the pipes up a stud wall. There's a picture on my blog...