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    Substituting 3 'C Type' Batteries for a single '9V' Battery??

    So I bought a pet food dispenser for our 12 week old puppy but the little WITCH has bitten through the USB cable that powers the unit, luckily she is unharmed but now I'm paranoid she'll do it again!. The unit can also be run from batteries (in the instructions it says if there is a power...
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    Plastic Push Fit Elbow Connectors.

    These plastic Push Fit connectors.. Once the brass pipe is pushed in should the plastic nuts be tightened or left untightened??
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    Odd wiring for outside light.

    I bought a replacement light for the outside light that has been here since I moved in (has been working intermittently for a while, think it's the sensor and stopped working completely a few months ago). The switch for this light it connected to a 3 gang light switch inside near the front door...
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    Triton T80 Low Pressure When Set To Hot?

    This Triton T80 was already fitted into the house I've moved into and have notice that Im only able to get the shower too hot or just lukewarm to cold. I have removed the hose from the unit and when the shower is set to the cold the water flow is perfectly fine but as I turn the thermostat to...
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    Water Pump Not Turning Off (Drayton System) HELP!!!

    We have had this problem with the central heating and water system for a while, basically the water pump for the heating and water wont sometime turn off when told to do so via the Drayton control panel, sometimea it would sometimes it wouldnt. We had thought we tracked it down to 1 of the 2...
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    Breeze Block's Load Weight???

    Hi all, am new to the forums, so hello. I have a question regarding how much load weight can breeze blocks take?. I have just today got a new 40" samsung LCD and wall bracket, but have noticed that the wall i want to mount the bracket and LCD on is breeze block, how much load weight can breeze...