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    Garage roof cost?

    Im not familiar with prices in essex, but here in worcester based on that sort of quantity you would be looking around 280 per 1000 tiles
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    leaking flat roof

    LEADSLATE aka FLEXISLATE. we sell shed loads every month
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    Aaah, New Roof Leaking. Can't Understand Why!

    i might be worth finding out what roof pitch you have because as people have pointed out the roof pitch will determine what gauge you need. If your roof pitch is below 25 degrees you should have the battens spaced at 282 mm top to top giving you 100mm headlap on the tiles
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    Composite vs slate roof tiles

    Natural slate approx double the price depending on grade of slate etc. Better than "Man-Made" slates by far, sometimes you pay for what you get.
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    GRP Valley meets next does roof tiles

    250mm is the right gauge for 600 x 300 f/c slates. they should also be pre holed for the rivets aswell, cant see why they wouldnt be.
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    What colour roof tiles

    I noticed all the colours you listed were concrete colours so its not a massive decision because in 10 -15 yrs most concrete colours fade and end up a brownish colour anyway
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    Can anyone help to identify my roof tiles please

    i've asked everyone that works here and none of us have ever seen a tile tile like it in 25 years of trading. Perhaps it is a foreign tile??
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    Which tiles for 15 degree angle on lean to roof

    If you have clay plain tiles on your roof (10.5" x 6.5" Flat) the nearest looking match you will get which goes down to 15 degrees is a Sandtoft 20/20 & we sell a lot of these for this reason.
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    Best roof membrane to use?

    With a question like this your going to get everyones opinion not a definitive answer. So in my opinion Klober Permo Forte is the best has more re-inforcing than other felts. Most people pick Tyvek as it is what Pukka is to Pies- a brand name not necessarily the best
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    Making hot bitumen/felt adhesive

    Bitumen is sold in kegs of 40 kg or in smaller blocks, depending on where you go. I dont know how much everyone else charge but we usually sell it for £28 + V.A.T. (40kg Keg)
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    How long can I leave the roof uncovered for?

    Breathable felt will be no good after 3 months on open roof as it breaks down in UV light. This is what we tell all our customers when selling felt.
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    Gauge for Tiles

    your gauge depends on your roof pitch, below 17.5 degrees 318mm top to top battens, 22.5 deg & over 343mm top to top battens. Straight out of redland brochure
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    Forticrete V2 tile problem PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Your only option is to cut the tile, but make sure its done properly to prevent water getting in behind velux. I would recommend a BDX collar for your velux which helps seal & insulate velux. We sell a lot of them for this reason
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    Concrete tiles and a shallow pitch roof

    There is a slate which will go as low as 15 degrees called cambrian slate manufactured by Redland. However if you have lower than that there is a concrete interlocking tile made by the same company called a redland regent which will work on roof pitches as low as 12.5 degrees