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    New doors - disturbing silicone

    Hi, We’ve just had some new French doors fitted. It’s only been about 18 hours since the silicone was applied, and I’ve been opening and closing the doors a lot, checking an issue with the latch. Might this have been bad for the silicone as it will still be curing? Just to clarify, I hasn’t...
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    Kitchen cupboard doors

    I had a bit of a nightmare today. I used some multi surface cleaner (not quite neat, but a fairly strong solution) to wipe down my plastic coated kitchen cupboard doors. They now have white stains all over them that I haven’t been able to remove, so I’m wondering if I’ve damaged the material. Or...
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    Is this Asbestos?

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    Mould caused by leaking pipe

    A few months ago I discovered a leaking isolation joint under my bath, that had been slowly dripping for many months. The leak was fixed immediately, but since then there has been a smell of damp/mould that comes and goes. The leak soaked through the floorboards and came through the ceiling...
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    Leaking joint under bath - damp smell weeks later

    6 weeks ago I had water dripping down into my dining room, which it turned out was due to a leaking plumbing joint under the bath that had been badly installed 18 months previously (when I had a shower fitted). The joint was corrected that same day, and to the best of my knowledge there are no...
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    Concrete Screws / Thunderbolts

    I've just discovered these recently, and am already a fan. I particularly like the fact they are non-expanding, and so I can use them near the edge of bricks/concrete, and also just with less risk of cracking what I'm going into. Just one question, can you reuse them in the same hole, i.e...
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    Water leaking from side of bath

    The sealant along the side of my bath came away, and water has leaked down and is coming through the ceiling and walls. I have a dehumidifier drying it out. Do I just wait until dry and then stainblock and paint? Or should I be concerned with damage and/or mould?
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    Cordless Makita Drill

    Is it bad for the drill to put it on "drill" mode to drive screws? i.e. no clutch setting so that it keeps driving when the screws are very hard to get in/out? Sometimes the drill seems to be struggling when I do this, and can almost stop rotating completely. I don't want to burn out the...
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    Not sure where to fix now area has cracked

    Hi, I was given the advice to use M16 anchor bolts to hold a post to a patio, but the first one which I've tightened up has created a large crack. So far I don't know if this will just be the render thats cracked (I think it's brick underneath, judging by the red dust when I drilled the...
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    Air Bricks to help condensation / prevent dry rot

    Hi, I have had a quotation for 6 double red plastic air bricks to be fitted in two parts of my house where we are having some condensation issues. First of all, is this going to help much? Is it more to prevent future dry rot? Will it cause the house to get colder more easily? Secondly...