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    Resistor hot in bathroom extract

    It looks like it's a cheap fan to be honest, and it's not really extracting anything either. I'm quite disappointed, because I tend to stay away from super cheap electrical items on the basis it's cheap for a reason. I have attached photos, it's the big grey thing I'm finding to be quite hot...
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    Resistor hot in bathroom extract

    Hey! Just a query really. Yesterday I noticed our extraction fan in the bathroom had yellowed on one edge. Touched it and it was hot, took the front panel off and the resistor was very hot and where it met the board it had blackened. Google led me to panic it could cause a fire, so we isolated...
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    paint cracking off doorframe

    This is a relief, what would be causing it to occur now though? Would it just be thermal movement due to heat? The house was decorated by others before we purchased it so I can't say how it was painted etc this year is our 4th year in the house
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    paint cracking off doorframe

    Hi, Just wanted some opinions on our upstairs bathroom door frame. The paint has started to crack, and I'm worried this could be a sign of structural movement? I am very good at over worrying! In the photos, you can see where we used some edging as a 'cheat' to cover up where some pain had come...
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    Are these plasterboard cracks in ceiling?

    Hi there, Just wanted some advice. From googling lots, I think the cracks we have in the ceiling above our stairs/landing are just the plasterboard joints? If anyone can confirm this and am I right in thinking I use joint tape and plaster to fix them?
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    Cracks, windows and panic!

    Hey, we've been in our house a couple of years now, its not a new build, think it was built in 70,so maybe... anyways in the front room we've noticed where the window meets the wall in the bottom corner its cracked quite a bit and lets through a draught. There's also a hairline crack that runs...
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    Front door frame

    Is it really just that? Such a relief! Am I correct i correct that I just simply tighten the screws then re seal? Might I add that we get quite a breeze coming through
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    Front door frame

    Hi, We have a upvc door and the door frame inside the house seems to be coming away. Just after advise on a fix? It varies around the frame, but its all across the top and slightly down the sides. Its definitely the frame that's come away because if I push on the door I can see movement.any...
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    Front door

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