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    Diamond blade for metal.

    As an ocassional grinder user, i would miss the cool smell you get when A-Team McGivering metal in the man cave
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    2stroke Hedge trimmer: got spark, replaced carb, no start

    When you lift it by the pullcord, does it just drop to the floor or will the pullcord hold its weight? Does it have much resistance to it being pulled? I would try and test compression if you can, could be piston rings/oil seals. I had a mculloch that had been dropped and cracked the...
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    Studwall built on floorboards

    Could you run the pipes above the floor but behind the wall?
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    How do you put RSJ/UB above existing pipework?

    But surely your building walls ontop of the steel and could run the pipes shin high round the room or just have them come through the sole plate up and over at the steel/soleplate junction.
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    How do you put RSJ/UB above existing pipework?

    Could you run them inside the stud work of the wall?
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    Extending a dormer?

    I would start by getting someone to do some drawings, good ones that can be built from. Then at least you will have an idea whats involved and builder\roofer quotes are like for like on the work. In my dormer it required steel work, so it may not be as simple as it looks.
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    Putting a door's latch on and lining it up?

    Hope it goes well for you my friend I recently fitted my first doors solo with no experience and found the latches and bolt through fixings on the handles tricky. I used ryobis latch jig then marked door using a square for the (big square bit bit between handles) at correct backset. Drilled...
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    Blue tooth ceiling speakers for kitchen

    I had similar issues to lucid alluded to. I have recently installed 8 speakers in my upstairs extension im building. Bt speakers didnt do what i wanted, were not fire reg compliant, didnt auto power down. Long story short i did this Adastra fire dome 6.5 inch speakers, replaced driver with...
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    Patches around Sockets

    I would have had to straighten that and checked behind it at same time
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    Replacing radiator with smaller one

    Rather than flexi hose you could use The do shorter ones and telescopic ones as well Personally i would lift a floor board and adjust the pipes to come up in the correct place. It looks neater Hope this helps
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    Silverline Electric Breaker / bit stuck

    I have an Aldi breaker and the release mech is as shown. You already have it on release though, were you using it like that?
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    McCulloch MH452 P petrol hedge trimmer won't start

    Are you sure it's not a 542p hedgecutter? From a ref chart it's either a c1u m42(or 32) No other stamps on the carb?
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    McCulloch MH452 P petrol hedge trimmer won't start

    Hi, I rebuilt a mculloch hedge trimmer as my first project in small engines. I found that the gaskets were impossible to source for the model I worked on. It was the ones between the carb and barrel\air filter I struggled with. I ended up making my own from gasket paper, light oil and a...
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    Beko Washing Machine tripping electrics after changing brushes.

    Check there isn't another fault by turning it on without the motor attached. I recently had an issue with leakage from the heating element. I only found out by disconnecting everything one by one. Would make sense its the motor given the work you have done to it, but prove it rather than...
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    ceiling plasterboard noggin spacing

    Of its one sheet surely just one in the middle would suffice?
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    Bathroom extractor fan only works when light is off! (pictures and video included)

    Grey to switched live Black to neutral Brown to perm live is a guess Check the cable at the fan with a meter to confirm
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    Radiator pipe fitting help - it hits a joist

    I forgot to take a picture but it worked out well with solder fitting so thanks for your help I did notice that soldering onto the chrome pipe, even with the chrome removed was not as easy as normal copper it required more heat to get the solder to flow. I also had a speedfit elbow leak badly...
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    Radiator pipe fitting help - it hits a joist

    Yes i read that on here! Thanks for the reminder though :cool: Can you solder directly onto the chrome or does it also have to come off?
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    Radiator pipe fitting help - it hits a joist

    Thanks Rob, i will give it a bash and lose the tape
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    Radiator pipe fitting help - it hits a joist

    Hi, Im replacing a microbore system with 15mm and have hit a problem with one rad. Its up against a wall that the joists run parallel to and the drop pipes from the rad hit it. In the past they have notched the joist and bent the microbore to fit. Im not sure how to approach replacing the...