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    British Gas 330+ Boiler

    Usually ends up very noisy in the combustion due to lack of proper cleaning of the very poor heat exchanger. Sumps pin hole (less common these days) sump outlets pin hole very often and wiping the build up off to hide it isn’t a fix. The flue outlets at the top of the sump outlet are now...
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    Hive installation issue - 2 zone system (gas)

    You should have just paid someone to do it. Job done.
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    Honeywell problem baffled plumber

    You need a heating engineer may not be anything to do with the programmer. Basic fault finding and use of multimeter will find the fault.
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    S plan or S plan plus?

    Should always be done by heating engineers. Electricians don’t wire heating systems usually other that supplying a switched fused spur.
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    Blocked 10 mm radiator pipes

    I've ripped out thousands of meters of plastic pipework blocked solid loads of which is barrier. Yes copper blocks but but far far less if you imagine the amount of copper systems fitted in comparison to plastic and the length of time the copper was put in before plastic was even invented copper...
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    Blocked 10 mm radiator pipes

    Plastic pipework barrier or not is prone to blockages in heating systems. Any flexible pipework is far more likely to become restricted by dirty systems than copper pipework is. I would urge you to replace the system with copper pipework. It is more work and harder work for,installer and...
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    Gravity hot water heats upstairs rads when on.

    Better yes because the motorised valve needs wiring to work if you’re going to use it simply to shut of you might as well use a gate valve. But as it’s going to need draining to fit it just stick the anti gravity valve it like it’s supposed to have. Get yourself a suitably experienced heating...
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    central heating - 15mm plastic pipes?

    Copper is a better job than plastic you are correct, if it’s done properly.
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    Gravity hot water heats upstairs rads when on.

    If it’s gravity HW pumped heating and upstairs rads are heating then it’s either never had an anti gravity valve fitted or the anti gravity valve is passing.
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    Cleaned out my Spirotech filter

    That’s not a pre magnet one the pre magnet one was a dirt separator which caught more than any of their magnet versions do that looks like their first magnet effort (MB1) the magnet is internal and not removable.
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    Routing of flexible gas pipes

    Electric fires are good these days
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    Underfloor heating retrofit

    Someone tells you your house might fall down and your reply is oh no I’ve just plastered the bathroom ceiling :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL: love it are you a woman by Amy chance :whistle::LOL::ROFLMAO:
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    Greenstart 37CDi Combi CH Output

    As gasguru said wouldn’t be getting rid of that boiler regardless of your worries.
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    Evacuate water to solder pipes

    MAPP GAS and patience.
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    A very Intermittent Ravenheat RSF 100ET

    Your boiler is a piece of **** 15 plus year old scrap box landlord special, they’re throw away boilers. Get someone is who know what they’re doing to repair or better still replace with something decent.
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    Navien boiler with Stirling engine

    Not really. It’s not a new concept. Baxi did the eco gen which did the same 1kw, boiler was around 10k 100kg and had to be fitted on a load bearing wall it also used a sterling engine. Didn’t catch on because they was ****e
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    To replace or not to replace

    Space Saver and Hideaway take that badge for me. I’ve been saving them up giving them a wipe over a fitting them as new for years.
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    Boiler Leaking

    You have no business taking the front off a boiler. You have a dangerous lack of knowledge on heating and boilers You need to ring a suitably qualified and experienced heating engineer :)
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    Heating Timer

    Old Sangamo easily replaced by suitably qualified and experienced heating engineers.