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  1. kingandy2nd

    Running utilities to an outbuilding

    Thanks for the quick replies folks. My welder needs a 32a feed, so I figured I'd go for 10mm cable to allow the welder to be used with the lights on. Yeah I would look to box the pipe in if I go from the outside tap. I probably should have mentioned that this is a 33m2 outbuilding so it has BC...
  2. kingandy2nd

    Running utilities to an outbuilding

    Morning Guys, I'm looking to have power and water in my new detached garage, and I'm just trying to get my head around the best way to do it. In respect of water, I believe the best way is to T-off the blue plastic supply line to the house and bury the pipe more that 750mm deep. However that...
  3. kingandy2nd

    Plain tile extractor fan vent

    I used these ones, you can connect a 110mm pipe to them.
  4. kingandy2nd

    Roof lift without planning permission

    Check your home insurance for legal expense cover…it should help with exactly this sort of stuff
  5. kingandy2nd

    24/7 Home Rescue -Fail

    If it's been happening for months, why didn't you offer to go over and sort it... or pay someone to sort it?!
  6. kingandy2nd

    neighbours noisy plumbing

    The other thing to consider is your home insurance. If you have legal cover, you may wish to call them as they may be able to take the matter up through legal channels if you can prove your neighbour is causing you a nuisance.
  7. kingandy2nd

    neighbours noisy plumbing

    Can you post a video of the noise/issue? That may make it easier to diagnose. I've lived in a flat before where the running of water was noisy in certain rooms (where the pipe was in the ceiling/floor between me and the neighbour. Could you ask your landlord for soundproofing?
  8. kingandy2nd

    What have you bought today?

    Most of my kit is Dewalt and, like you Mottie, I just buy the tools and batteries separately. Recently got one of the new power cell batteries which is really small/light but seems to hold charge really really well. I’d recommend them if you need batteries in the future.
  9. kingandy2nd

    How does commercial insurance work?

    Generally speaking a loss adjustor will assess the loss, and the insurer will pay the loss of the property damage element. That can be to employed contractors of the insurer for repairs to to the building, but more usually the assessed cost of the rebuild, and reinstatement of machinery and...
  10. kingandy2nd

    Who can design a suitable raft foundation

    Hey folks, Sorry if this is a daft question, but can an SE design a raft foundation for me? If not, who should I be looking for? Googling raft foundation design or raft foundation designer seems to just bring up how to do it rather than who can do it. I’m going to be building a detached...
  11. kingandy2nd

    Anyone got students? How are they managing the money?

    Exactly this. When I went to Uni (20 years ago) I was advised to do a subject I'd enjoy rather than one that might get me a certain job, as many graduate roles just look for your grade rather than a specific topic. (Medicine, law, etc are exceptions). I studied Ocean Science at uni. Got a...
  12. kingandy2nd

    Upside down UPVC door!?!

    As the door is open you will only need to unscrew the handles and then remove the lock retaining screw on the edge of the door frame and then removing the cylinder and replacing it. Providing you can get the old frame fixings out, it’s a straightforward job to turn the frame up the right way...
  13. kingandy2nd

    Recommend me a wheelbarrow - 2 wheels or 1?

    I treat my barrows how I treat my women :ROFLMAO:
  14. kingandy2nd

    Recommend me a wheelbarrow - 2 wheels or 1?

    Sorted, £68 from a local builders merchant
  15. kingandy2nd

    Recommend me a wheelbarrow - 2 wheels or 1?

    Thought I’d put this in the building section, my bad!
  16. kingandy2nd

    Recommend me a wheelbarrow - 2 wheels or 1?

    What do you guys use for your wheel barrows? I’ve killed two of these ‘heavy’ duty ones now: I was looking at a proper wheelbarrow site for the heavy duty ones, and seems like a lot have 2...
  17. kingandy2nd

    My 1st House Extension

    Everything is looking great there mate. Really top quality work!
  18. kingandy2nd

    My 1st House Extension

    Everything is looking great there mate. Really top quality work!
  19. kingandy2nd

    Buried manhole cover full of dirt. Should I ignore it?

    What are you, some kind of drain pervert? :D