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    Wallpering a disaster. What am I doing wrong?

    Great news, sometimes slow and proper is best! Take care , kind regards Johnny.
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    Advice on cracks to internal plasterwork in house I'm buying after survey please!

    So before selling up the vendor has already parted with 6k. Well I wouldn’t be to concerned about the cracks every house in Britain moves especially if there on a busy road. That’s why you see mortar movement on roofs so inevitably you will get settlement cracks were new additions have been...
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    Flat Roof ... Possible to Recoat ?

    How big is the flat roof?
  4. J

    Staining over front door

    Teak touch up pen will sort those scuffs out. Loads on amazon.
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    Flat roof help needed !!

    Epdm, it will also give you the perfect substrate to glue your grass to. Cheap isn’t always the best.
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    How Much of an Impact Will Insulation Have?

    Hi Radam, there is a lot of help through eco3 if you qualify. I’ve helped a lot of people recently to get new heating and insulation to protect their homes.
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    Repair textured ceiling

    Sorry I’ve put the glasses on. Yes it’s artex done in stipple design. You can get artex repair kits any good diy stores this should do the trick. 2 coats of paint it’ll be like new.
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    Repair textured ceiling

    It looks like wallpaper?
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    Composite door - remove paint

    Hi Leanne, Bedec msp, should be perfect for you. 750ml will be enough to do your door.
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    Composite door - remove paint

    Hi Leanne, can you post a picture please so we can see what we are dealing with please.
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    Fitting new front door in opening out of plumb

    They should have measured the door with an addon included this would have given them more frame to work with. Nice trim job needed now though.
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    Which Finish for a Pine( softwood) Garden Table?

    Knotting is the best protection if you have them, they will bleed eventually.
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    Where to get replacement composite door glazing unit?

    Try total glass there in Liverpool, Prescott.
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    Films they should remake

    Only fools and Boris.
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    Combined Drains/build over

    That’s good. Section 24 only applies to a property built before October 1937. So you can do what you like to your drainage until the boundary line/ connection.
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    Combined Drains/build over

    How old is your property the reason I ask is there are a lot of section 24 in the UU area, if your private it’s yours until your boundary line/ connection into UU combined network.
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    The statement read out by Cummings

    The whole of this government has been found out for what they are, well educated, silver spooned civil servants. Collectively more faces than all the town hall clocks in Britain, but none you can trust to tell the right time never mind run the country.
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    Should these labour MP be sacked for breaking the lockdown ?

    Public flogging would suit, we could all travel to Durham under the new lockdown rules and if that fails with the police simply tell them your arranging a site test at Bernard Castle were the flogging is.
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    silicone use on roof

    I think after that rant full on bush!
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    Films they should remake

    Featuring Donald the pump Trump.