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  1. picasso

    Opentherm with S Plan System

    I have never fitted an ideal boiler so will take your word on the SL1-SL2 ignoring the OT but at least I now know how to run a "plan" with opentherm on any boiler.
  2. picasso

    Opentherm with S Plan System

    I would fit a separate 240v hot water timer and put a demand on the dhw thermostat/ zone valve connected to sl2, if the boiler stayed on low temp opentherm then short the OT terminals.
  3. picasso

    Opentherm with S Plan System

    No not sure :) forgot You have to open the dhw zone valve and power the relay.
  4. picasso

    Opentherm with S Plan System

    Fit an x plan (pdhw with NO zone valve) then you will need a relay to short the OT terminals when hot water is called for, shorting the cables makes the boiler run at high temp, when the relay opens the OT takes control of the central heating.
  5. picasso

    Motorised valve won’t respond to hive

    Try pressing the central heating override button on the hive receiver and see if the valve opens.
  6. picasso

    S Plan to support Opentherm - TADO smart thermostat EU model

    Not sure about the OT but weather comp on pdhw is doable although you might have to change the c/heating 2 port head for a normally open.
  7. picasso

    New house - heating/ wiring help?!

    Looks like an old low loss header, the wire was a ntc sensor to control the temp of the header.
  8. picasso

    Saniflo running on noise with video

    Sounds like the flow switch is stuck on, it’s usually the rubber diaphragm that gets stiff with accumulated “stuff” and you can clean or replace.
  9. picasso

    Renovating 3 bed flat with 8/10mm pipes. Worth changing to 15/22mm ?

    I changed my way of plumbing flats to prevent leaks under the floor, I now run 15mm pipes from a manifold under the boiler to each rad, uses a bit more pipe but your not digging the floors up in a couple of years trying to find out why the ceiling downstairs has water dripping through it.
  10. picasso


    You should not have 240 on the grey when calling for hot water only, you have either miswired it (most likely scenario) or a faulty nest.
  11. picasso

    DHW too hot in new shower

    Chances are the hot and cold to the shower are the wrong way round.
  12. picasso

    Replacing 3 gang 2way switch with smart one.

    And you thanked ericmark for this ?:rolleyes:
  13. picasso

    Replacing 3 gang 2way switch with smart one.

    I dont know of any smart switches that will work with ordinary switches, if you change all the switches to smart switches there are plenty on the market that can do this.
  14. picasso

    S plan / bypass gate valve / pump gone

    You dont need a bypass so the gate valve should be closed or got rid of.
  15. picasso

    Replacing 3 gang 2way switch with smart one.

    No you cant use the smart switch as it does not have two way switching.
  16. picasso

    Replacing 3 gang 2way switch with smart one.

    Yes but are they attached at the other end ? what is the make and model of your smart switch ?
  17. picasso

    Replacing 3 gang 2way switch with smart one.

    The most obvious question is do you have a neutral at the light switch ? your smart switch needs it to work.
  18. picasso

    Is this the norm now days

    Might be a good idea to find out the kw rating for the oven before giving advice.
  19. picasso

    New Combi or Unvented Cylinder

    So your system was installed before unvented cylinders were allowed , no one would expect you to rip out a serviceable cylinder for no reason but there will always be luddites.:cool:
  20. picasso

    New Combi or Unvented Cylinder

    Poor pressure through out the house (unless you put a pump in) dead things in the loft tank if the lid gets knocked, frozen pipes in the loft that flood your house when they thaw, versus Clean fresh water at all taps, good pressure for shower / quick bath filling and no pipes in loft, quite...