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    Hitachi impact driver, replacement battery

    My Hitachi WH14DMR battery is ****d.. Ive found a few websites selling replacements from £35-£99 but Im unsure of their quality..Has anyone here bought a pattern battery from one of these sites & could recommend them? Cheers
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    Zanussi washing machine ,error code?

    Our 3 year old ZWF12070W1 has just started freezing halfway through a cycle. It fills with water, goes through some rotations then stops still filled with water... The Start/Pause button will flash red twice if the dial is turned or the pause button pressed..Can anyone tellme what error this is...
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    Gas cooker low flame

    The flame on our Rangemaster 55 wont increase. it ignites immediately but burns very low no matter where the knob is turned to. The jets are all clean/unblocked, theres a good gas supply to the rest of the grill, hobs etc. Could this be due to the FlameFailureDevice ?(Ive tried tapping it...
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    Buying a bullnose tresd/step

    Where can I buy a (cheap , as its being carpeted)wood l/h bullnose tread section? It only needs to be about 3' long x 3" deep , its for the top aof the stairway /landing floor ..Cheers
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    Howling pipe(s)

    after flushing the loo the pipes upstairs howl/whine for a few minutes after but can be quitened somewhat if the upstairs tap is turned on, is this a high-pitched 'water hammer' effect? If so how to fix? Cheers
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    Moving a toilet pan forward

    I need to shift our toilet forward a couple of inches so that the seat will stay up , its too close to the cistern & also slightly overhanging the pan when in the 'down' position(no its not adjustable enough). Can I just lock the ballcock in position before draining the cistern or will I have to...
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    Danfoss Randall 102 replacement

    The timer/clock on 102 fitted to my mothers system is kaput, Ive sourced a couple of cheap 102's & a few (cheaper) 103's , presuming the 103 is an upgrade(?) could I install this , will this fit directly to the 102 backplate? Cheers
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    Another rant...

    Has anyone else noticed the latest Hamilton Perfection brushes dont seem to be of the same high quality? They dont hold their shape as they always did & theyve even dropped the copper stock pins .. Has another company taken over production ? :?
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    Just a rant...

    maybe a Dulux/Johnstones/Crown rep (and the rest) might be reading this... What have you done to our paint? This new VOC 2010 has made eggshell look like a slightly off gloss & messed up the drying times of all solvent-based paints ! It takes 18-24 hours between coats now ! :evil:
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    TV tuner card/stick

    Can anyone reccomend from recent experience a good brand/model of digital/freeview TV tuner either PCI or USB (around £30) ?
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    TV tuner for a PC

    Can anyone reccomend from experience a good PCI (or USB) Digital TV tuner around the £30 mark?
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    Bosch fridge/freezer temp setting

    Anyone know what the temp setting/number should be at on our Bosch upright fridge/freezer? Theres two settings illuminated, one for the fridge the other for freezer. Freezer is set at 18* Which I presume is minus/ - 18*) that seems ok but the fridge is at 4* , is that too high or low? never...
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    Zanussi Aquacycle 100 ...No spin or agitation

    Theres no spin or agitation on any cycle , bearings have just been replaced, drum spins freely by hand, cant hear motor spinning . Brushes seem to be in contact with the commutator...Stumped..Any ideas ?
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    Lightbulb flickers when powers off .

    Ive noticed that the ceiling bulb flickers faintly every 5 seconds while the powers off at the switches..This only seems to happen in our (main) bedroom, we have a usual wall switch plus a pull-cord above the bed. BTW, the bulb is one of these hopeless energy saving jokes.. :roll:
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    Slab laying, pointing/grouting

    25 sqm area,hardcores all laid (4") & compacted , can I lay slabs direct to a dry-mix of sharp sand/cement (1:6) approx 2"-3" deep & sprinkled with water as my neighbour did 15 years ago which is still solid! Why the need for pointing my patio slabs as they're smooth edged and butt together...