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  1. sven2

    Garden snooker room

    Hi, I am also looking to build a snooker room, this after I had a dream the other night of sneaking into my local snooker club and having a game of ILLEGAL snooker. I must have reached the age of mid life/pandemic crisis, the shots I played were very pleasurable. Back to Reality...
  2. sven2

    retired and waiting for a hip replacement

    retired and waiting for a hip replacement
  3. sven2

    Enclosing exterior steps to the basement.

    Hi Folks, I as ever need a little guidance to enclosing the exterior steps to my basement. There was a rickety roof with fencing panels for the sides, the roof has rotted and in a race I pulled it all down before it fell down, well it could have been a dead heat. I do not know where to start and...
  4. sven2

    Boiler Not working

    Cheers for the reply Andy
  5. sven2

    Boiler Not working

    Hi Awl, I am looking for a bit of advice, I have a Saunier Duval Thema Classic F24E, I didn't have the heating on for some time (costs) but the hot water worked fine, then in July ish, I switched on the heating and it ran for a couple of hours all OK, then i turned on the hot water tap and the...