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    Worcester Heatslave 20/25

    Do you have the integral timeswitch or a remote one? If there is a feed to the DHW terminal on the pcb, then the boiler will fire on demand. Your slave tank will also be kept up to temperature. You need to get busy with a multimeter to work out what is happening.
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    Honeywell ST699 randomly turning off

    How new is your 'new' unit from Ebay? The date code will be on the back plate. If it is old stock, the internal battery may have failed through age so will be susceptible to power variations.
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    Combi boiler water ok but no heating

    You have switched your programmer off. Use the select button on the right hand side to advance the black cursor on the right hand side of the window to either timed, once, which is on at the first time and off at the last, or on which is continuously on. If it also controls the water, then that...
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    Worcester Heatslave 20/25

    Has this only just started happening? How long have you had this boiler, are you new to the property? If you are a long term resident, has anything else been changed recently?
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    Oil boiler intermittent lockout

    Over time, the main problem with these is the non return valve incorporated in the fire valve between the oil supply and the flexi. Any air leaks will allow the oil to drain back to the tank and the oil pump is unable to replenish it in the normal sequence timings. In the past, I have installed...
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    Changing oil burner nozzle size and pressure setting

    Just noticed your flag, so don't recognise the boilers. However, the basics are the same. Establish the output required, check it is within the design range of the boiler and the burner. Assuming an efficiency gross of 85% and decide how much fuel you need to produce it. Consult the nozzle...
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    SwitchMaster 805 manual?

    Why would anyone need a manual for one of these? The wiring diagram is on the back and the buttons are self explanatory. The only thing it does not tell you that you really need to know is don't turn the clock backwards. If it fails to switch on at a time, or if it stops when it reaches a switch...
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    Changing oil burner nozzle size and pressure setting

    Start at the beginning. What boiler do you have? What output has it been set to? What burner do you have? The same model of burner can be used on many different appliances. Burners are designed to provide a range of outputs, and the manufacturers instructions will specify the size of nozzle and...
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    Changing oil burner nozzle size and pressure setting

    Why do you want to change the nozzle? Are you derating the boiler or looking to get the same output?
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    Greenstar Heatslave external combi boiler

    Is this a bleed valve for the DHW primary? You may need to drain down to inspect. It's probably only a failed O ring.
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    Imperial compression fitting

    How long is the pipe? Could you make each end to threads and replace with a flexi?
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    Danfoss HS3 like-for-like replacement?

    The Danfoss valves are rotary shoe, and quite often the seal in the spindle leaks and can wreck the actuator. For some reason, they also seem to be slow opening. Maybe Honeywell are not the same quality they used to be, but are still superior to most. keep clear of the Drayton, you will be...
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    Dry tiger loop

    As Exedon says above about the unit, and also worth checking the pump bypass is correct. If you use your wet vac on the feed flexi, does the loop fill up?
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    Dry tiger loop

    Check all filters and joints from the tank forward. you really need a vacuum gauge to test the pump. If the pump was changed, i'd be inclined to recheck the connections into the flexi. What burner do you have and is it low mounted firing forward or top mounted firing down?
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    Worcester greenstar utility 18/25 oil constantly locking out.

    In all of this thread, no-one has mentioned a nozzle. The black soot cleaned out a 'couple of months ago' is indicative of poor combustion. When serviced properly the oil pressure should have been checked and if dirty, the nozzle changed. If a dirty nozzle has been cleaned, it is possible that...
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    How often does an oil boiler need servicing?

    Whilst I would agree with John if it is a standard efficiency boiler, if High Efficiency, then an annual service is recommended as any deposits of soot or sulphur will be more critical on restricted flue passes.
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    Exact model of trianco boiler?

    The model would have been on the data sticker and may still be visible to the eye. It's not obvious on the photo. It looks like a early TRO, but I've never seen one with the flow pipe in the front.
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    WANTED: Grundfoss Pump Plan UPP15-50 Wiring Centre

    If your system is sound then the hardness of water will not be a limiting factor, only if there is constant refilling will the valves be affected.