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    Skirting - What type of nail gun - hire or buy?

    For the architrave - glue and fine pins or pre drill the architrave because you would be fixing near to the edge chance of it splitting. The architrave is only set back 5-10mm so you should have timber to fix to. Yep makes it easier priming it first before fixing it, prime it both sides...
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    Skirting - What type of nail gun - hire or buy?

    Architrave doesn't really need a nail gum or screws, for such a job i would mark the set back around the door frame where you are going to afix the architrave and you could glue and pin into the timber door frame/casing. Skirting wise you could try a mix of screws and no nails type adhesive...
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    Containers for screws and bolts

    Over a period of time, I've saved the meal containers which are clear, also non transparent ice cream containers in the past to store bolts,nuts, screws and anything else that needs storing. Labels torn of the box and inside the container in case I change the contents (for the clear ones) I've...
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    Unlevel door lining

    No, once the screw is set (which means it shouldnt be lose or tight) it should allow the blade to move smoothly without keep tightening and slacking that screw of. It should allow the blade to work but not so slack that you get marks from the blade vibrating
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    Sealing gap in floorboard where carpet is short

    forget that I didnt realise the thread was ages old lol
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    L shape office table made from OSB

    It would probably cost you more in filler and a finish and time as it would to buy something half decent.
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    Heavy ceramic sink into 700mm kitchen cabinet.

    Waterproof PVA also works good to seal edges brushed on all cut edges :)
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    C24 Timber Shakes

    I've got a workshop on the go and unfortunately didnt check the timber that arrived at the time as I should have done! It's for my workshop and so not overly worried about the shakes and imperfections as they dont go all the way through. I just wanted other chippies opinions, is this typical of...
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    Joist hanger fixing

    sky hooks? ;) what are you fixing to?
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    Structural Engineer recommendation Please

    For what? I've not included all the additions.
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    Shock sensor on PVC door?

    I was stating what it works with ?
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    Structural Engineer recommendation Please

    Can anyone recommend a structural engineer please, I have a small (4m deep x 5.5M wide) extension where i want to expose upto the rafters and also a calc for a wall being removed (if its load bearing) Ive been quoted 375 plus VAT which sounds alot and obviously want more than one quote to see...
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    Replacement CCTV System advice

    I have Hikvision, whilst not the same (mine are IP) you wont go far wrong with Hikvision.
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    Shock sensor on PVC door?

    Dimensions 130mm x 26mm x 25mm (magnet 57mm x 11.5mm) Looks like it works with Premier Elite panels
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    Comparison of quality between sheds/screwfix and dedicated merchants?

    You mistakenly used John Lewis and PC World as being on par with each other :) I certainly wouldn't put PC Worlds PC's on the same platform :sleep:
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    Extension pitched roof

    Never did get the invoice lol
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    Extension pitched roof

    How do you mean?
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    Extension pitched roof

    Yes, that's pretty good, that might be the way to go, at least I will have the detail required to move forward.
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    Extension pitched roof

    Thanks very much chaps for your opinions, it's not hipped no, just a garble end with bifold doors under it. Sounding like an engineer then if we want no joists. Sounding expensive so probably stick with ceiling joists. For the span (5.5m) would we still need an engineer do we think if we had a...
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    Extension pitched roof

    No sorry a full pitched roof