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    Pergola on porcelain pavers

    i want to build a fairly chunky pergola (using 6" fence posts as the uprights) on a small 3m x 3m porcelain patio (20mm pavers on full wet bed. I dont want to drill into them though. If I build the pergola on the patio, assuming its weight will keep it from moving anywhere (total will be 4 x...
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    Starting a summer room on concrete base

    I’m planning a corner summer room, with both long sides (adjacent to the fence panels) being 2.6m long. Currently have a solid concrete base poured that’s level. One colleague has said construct the walls first, place them on a thick dpm directly on the concrete base, then once fixed...
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    Pouring a concrete shed base

    I’m due to pour a concrete shed base, 3m x 3m, 6” deep. Do I need to do anything to prevent it cracking or splitting in half? I’ve poured footings for retaining walls before, but wasn’t sure if it would need anything like rebar or anything in it to tie it together? Or am I overthinking it...
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    Laying artificial grass over a patio

    We’ve got an old patio area, approx 8m long by 6m wide. Currently laid old concrete type pavers that have been down at least 20 years. Is there any way we can lay artificial grass over the top of it? I know normally you’d lift pavers, break it up, level it and then sand before laying the...
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    New shower tray has a blister

    We had a new shower fitted 4 weeks ago, this exact one (with tray): If you scroll down the page you'll see the shower tray details...
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    Prepping old painted walls for new plaster

    Thanks lostinthelight - door the door architraves off yesterday and a fair bit of the old plaster came away, brittle as hell so guessing I'll need to hack that all off first
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    Prepping old painted walls for new plaster

    our landing is currently painted in an old (I'm guessing, 20 years+) gloss type paint (you can actually wet it with a sponge to clean it and the water just runs off it) and needs re-plastering, so guessing will need to prep it first. Whats the best way to do this? Hand sanding to rough it up...
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    New porcelain pavers losing their ‘finish’

    we've just had a porcelain patio laid, approx 60m2, it was laid about 4 weeks ago. Been out today to give it a spray over with the garden hose and a sweep and noticed around a lot of the pavers, it looks as though the top colour/coating (I know that arent painted or coated but the only way to...
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    Cutting down a laminated cupboard

    we've found the perfect bathroom furniture (vanity unit, wc unit and tall wall hung cupboard) The tall wall hung unit is 300mm deep, but ideally we need it to be 200mm depth. It looks to be a laminated finish (it’s the Ronda Chestnut range on victoriaplumbing), who would be able to cut 100mm...
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    Cleaning residue from porcelain pavers

    recently finished our porcelain patio and grouted it with EasyGrout but it’s left a slight residue on some of the pavers, and around the grouting. When it’s dry, it’s a white colour What’s best to clean it off with? It’s not stained, just a residue that seems to not be visible when it’s wet
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    How are my 1930's external walls made?

    Thanks gents, am hoping to start in the next few weeks so will feedback on here. Just ordering up the final few bits
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    How are my 1930's external walls made?

    our 1930's semi is red brick outside, and solid to drill/knock on from the inside. They're about 200mm deep in total. Asking as I want to hide the bathroom sink waste pipe in the wall for a run of about 1m, then tile over it Is this an OK way to do it?
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    Toilet preference

    Am planning a refit of our bathroom and undecided on what type of toilet, either a close coupled one (needing a side exit for waste, as it will sit back against a solid wall). Or, a back to wall toilet with the small cabinet/unit that the cistern is hidden in. Any advice, or preferences...
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    Should i use Ditra matt on concrete floor

    Have got 4 rooms to have the floor re-tiled coming up, bathroom, hallway and downstairs toilet and kitchen. Apart from the kitchen, the other 3 areas will have plywood or chipboard floor, so use ditra matt. The kitchen is a concrete floor, and we will be laying fairly large sized porcelain...
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    Cleaning out an Adey Magnaclean 2

    Ahh OK thanks Muggles, only asked as i watched a video tutorial on how to do it (I'm not a plumber so needed to see how its done) and they said to top it up with MC1. I did wonder that, only dropping a bit of water out the system and needing to fill it with inhibitor Thanks mate
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    Cleaning out an Adey Magnaclean 2

    As above, will be cleaning out the Magnaclean 2 we had fitted with our boiler, should i top it back up with a bottle of MC1 inhibitor while its off being cleaned?
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    Best adhesive to repair glass screen to convertible roof

    my Audi A4 glass rear window has come detached from the roof in one corner and is letting a little water in. What’s the best adhesive to use to repair it please gents?
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    Any way to move a 1 tonne bag of sand

    as above, had 6 x 1 tonne bags of sand delivered 2 weeks ago, I’ve used 5 but have 1 left to be used in a few weeks time. I could do with moving it about 5m further down the driveway Without a jcb or 10 men, are there any tricks of the trade to shift it? Am guessing not, but thought I’d ask anyway
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    Will grout dry out and self support?

    weve laid a porcelain patio with a 35mm overhang on the edge of the steps, to fit LED strip lights under. We are grouting the patio this week, 5mm with EasyPrime grout. If we taped the ends of the joints, and the underneath 35mm, then remove the tape once the grout has set, should it stay in...
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    Laying artificial grass over an old patio

    Thanks Conny, I had wondered how ‘bouncy’ it would be straight onto the patio. IF (I’ll get plenty of time to check over the next few days) it does pool and puddle after a downpour could I drill drainage holes through the pavers where it pools, and through it’s mortar bed and maybe fill them...