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    S Plan Plus with Nest

    A lot of waffle for what is a very basic setup consisting of 2 heating zones (1 heat zone comprising the underfloor) and a hot water zone. This should be incredibly easy for any half capable electrician. The only awkward bit to remember is to turn the hot water disinfection off on the nest or...
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    Neighbor Cut my underground pipe

    Not uncommon for a shared soak away. Most new build sites have a shared soakaway that often takes up to 3 properties. Yes it is lazy but it is within the building regs. You need to speak to your neighbour in the first instance to make them aware and then the second course is to contact building...
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    Noise from unvented hot water system

    Fault can be either or both the expansion vessel Bladder has debris on its seat or the pressure reducing valve sticking.
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    External oil boiler

    why an external model?
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    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life problems....Or are they???

    If the unit is waiting 20 minutes to return to heating after a demand for hot water then either you don't have the boiler settings as per the changes i suggested or you have altered them from the factory default because that would give a max of 5 minutes between a demand for hot water and the...
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    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life problems....Or are they???

    without looking at the system installation it is often difficult to determine all of the probable causes. I have well over 50 of the 8000 boilers installed with 2 that have complained about similar issues to yourself. one is because they have a large household all getting ready for school and...
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    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life problems....Or are they???

    if you have changed these settings then the delay from drawing hot water to heating starting again would be about 75 seconds. As a comparison for other combination boiler manufacturers this is about the same time delay. You cannot compare to older model boilers as there was a change in 2019 to...
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    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life problems....Or are they???

    change setting 3-b2 from 5 (default ) to 3 this the time between a thermostat asking for heat and then asking again 3-c6 from 1(default) to 0 this is the delay time after using hot water or preheat activating 3-d1 3 (default) change to 5 or 6 to increase pump speed around system if poor...
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    New Vaillant system boiler & cylinder installed

    A very poor rough install. cables exposed on electrics from junction boxes etc. no insulation on pipework(1m min from cylinder) combination valve on cylinder should be above tprv cylinder data plate not completed flexible hose on expansion vessel questionable as i think gledhill state it should...
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    House takes ages to heat up

    You need to check D0 in settings. My guess this has been down rated too much. Let us know what it was set at. If anything below 18 then increase to that. If above then increase by 4
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    Ideal Icos NO Display.... HELP

    you do realise these posts are 11 years old!!
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    Is this a gas pipe or water pipe?

    why can't you run the run the tap? the gas has been disconnected not the water. it may not run hot but you would feel if water was running through it
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    Alpha CD28C hot water problem

    dhw plate heat exchanger partially blocked
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    Propane cylinders

    go to your local static ( residential park home site) and enquire there. they often have their compound with gas supplies
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    Riello RDB Oil Fired Boiler - can I use in sealed system

    grant have made the 2.5bar PRV obsolete and now use a 3bar for all repairs
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    New hot water and heating boiler

    If you have 6 bedrooms over 3 floors then i wouldn't be using a system boiler, or if i was i would possibly using a low loss header as the resistance across the giannoni exchanger is very restrictive. That will also be the problem with your current boiler although the resistance across the...
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    Solar Panels

    Inverter is 5kw due to combined battery plus panels. They then allow you take up to 5kw from a combination of batteries and panels eg when you boil The kettle etc. your demand will Then be satisfied without taking from the grid.
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    Honeywell T3R thermostat keeps increasing the temp.

    take the batteries out and bend the metal spring tab out so it has a tighter fitting. if this is loose it can cause various issues, but the most common is the heating coming on when it shouldn't be.
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    Pre Heated water into Oil Combi

    if you have a free supply of 7kw i would get an air source fitted tomorrow? you can get hybrid but who cares if you can have that much electric for free. you could have 2 units fitted and unless you live in a mansion all your heating and hot water should then be free
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    using washers in oil line coupling

    What age burner is this? I think the fault may not be with the pump and is with the control cox or the photocell. If the photocell fails it causes the motor to run continuously and in this causes the oil pump to overheat, the oil pump uses the oil flowing through it to cool it. Problem being...