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    What's the best way to patch this rendering on my house?

    OP, Yes, that will work - its more or less the same as the S&C repair bags from a plumbing supplies. No matter what you apply its a sheltered location, and in time the finish will weather in to match the surrounding render. Keep it simple - stay away from Mfr's advice, they will require you to...
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    Tiling advice needed please

    Nibbling will work - and used carefully, so too will a tile disc in a small angle grinder..
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    Chimney Puzzle

    Why not get a HETAS Registered sweep to sweep the flue (in fact, to sweep all the flues whiles he/she is on site) & smoke tested. The HETAS will draw your attention to any requirements, and give you a comment on the lack of a lintel. The construction you pic is common enough in old houses -...
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    Tiling advice needed please

    You got a snap cutter a machine with slide bars and a pressure lever? Or one of those things that look like glorified pliers?
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    Repairing artex and split plasterboard after flood.

    Remove the Artex as far as the mould goes. Then treat the mould with one of the concoctions available - then go to the decorators forum for further advice. If its plasterboard: does the p/b sag or is it loose at the crack - can you push it up a little? Is there a joist or a noggin behind the crack?
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    What's the best way to patch this rendering on my house?

    The frame itself is pretty sheltered and its well recessed. Whats the white stuff, is it foam? I cant see if you have an angle bead on the outside corner? You should have. Perhaps just get a small bag of sand & cement from a plumbers supplies and after gluing up the patch (Pva or SBR etc) then...
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    Tiling advice needed please

    Practice using spare tiles, and a tile scriber, and pliers to snap the waste off. Its simple after a little practice. Just nibble away at the waste - you can use a number of scribed lines to ease the nibbling. Or you could hire a basic tile saw. Snap cutters will also work.
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    Damp in recently decorated wall (chimneybreast?)

    OP, Your stack has a concrete flag capping it - the cap should be flaunched to shed water and securely fix the chimney pots and/or terminals. It should also be throated all the way round the overhang. A pic of the flaunching and flashing would help? You have a strange arrangement of a gas...
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    Damaged DPM

    OP, Whoever did the original job was an amateur. I dont understand if you are saying that you have rising damp coming up in the "hole"? If possible, your best bet would be to run your hot and cold supplies and the wastes above the floor surface. Do the wastes discharge into a soil pipe or a...
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    Wood T&G on bathroom wall

    OP, Wood panelling of any kind is not recommended for a bathroom esp if its on an outside wall. The reason why is because moisture can get behind the woodwork and begin to rot the back, and any framing that its fixed to.
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    Repairing cast iron gutter

    "or a spigot or even a socket... int or ext" - what bizzare bit of disconnected nonsense is that meant to mean?
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    Repairing cast iron gutter

    "a dance off" - what a weirdo suggestion, or is such a strange request a coded desire to slow waltz with a ladder climbing kilted Scotsman? Why dont you & the kilted one roll dice for your roof or mine? Since I put the wind up his kilt I'm sure that he would appreciate a little slow dancing...
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    Repairing cast iron gutter

    You claim a massive technical background but you cant answer a few simple technical questions - how come? As soon as you were put on the spot that showed up your technical ignorance you jumped in feet first to attack the man not the argument - its called diverting attention, aka a panic attack...
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    Repairing cast iron gutter

    What a loser, what a bad loser you are. You sad, sad liar, now you are shooting yourself in both feet - check out your Olympic size pedantic posts #16 & #18, yes, yes my utterly foolish man, your attempts at self enhancement are precisely the self-set traps that a pedantic ignoramus would...
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    Triton bar valve with slow leak

    Thanks for reporting back what happened next.
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    Repairing cast iron gutter

    Very sad, for a man of such self proclaimed technical ability you run away at the first bump. Its wrong to deceive - you know that? And cowardly to scamper away. You have lied and evaded and, by your own admission, handed out duff advice - but only to "diyers". You, the wonder of the north...
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    Repairing cast iron gutter

    Game over - game, set & match you lost. But, out of politeness, I'll show you where and how you went wrong. I "implied the main point of rot was from the base of the gutter" - How did I "imply" this, where, show me? Quotes please? "gutters of this type" - but as I showed above you are in...
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    How to fix the broken & uneven plastered (sand+cement) stone wall

    OP, As a professional walking into your bathroom I would look for any damp signs inside, and render on the outside. Presuming an outside wall: I'd ask if the stone wall had given previous difficulties. And I'd hack off back to bare masonry. Then, after any dubbing out, I'd pull the wall out...
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    Fitting suspended timber floor

    Good to see that you are learning ^woody^ - keep in touch with the gnome, in fact get five weirdos/DIY'ers together, & I'll give the whole crew a few "watch my lips" DIY tips. You actually spend your time following me around this place? I spend most days working on building sites, just dont...
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    White Residue on Solid Wood Floor

    Presuming that you've used a small scrubber and soap and water then its desperate measures using say an orbital sander with a fine paper, & then finish patching as good as possible. If its in an area of traffic then leave it to time and usage to blend in but dont use any more harsh chemicals.