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    Push button flush

    Looks like a SIAMP Storm 33A Single Flush Toilet Valve
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    Bad customers

    Depends on the amount you have outlayed for parts. You can take item back as stated. or go the small claims, i did once did quote for customer he agreed and signed etc brought parts then he cancelled. sorry mate you owe me parts cost, small claims soon got costs back.
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    Triton Ivory II - loose spring clip

    it's out the power selector dial.
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    Mira Azora shower has reduced power on hot.

    mira azora is a electric shower not a power shower fed from the mains cold supply. As for the hot temp it will reduce the hotter the dial is turned the slower the water passes through the heating elements.
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    Titan shower not working

    Solenoid coils are a standard item. shower doc, ebay all sell them. all about a tenner
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    How to connect compression end to tap fitting
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    Electric shower issue!

    power showers don't have thermostats or a tco they use stored hot water. you been advised what to check.
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    Electric shower issue!

    By the sound of it you have either a blocked hot filter or the hot is airlocked
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    mira sport max airboost, new install - strange faults

    and the isolation switch/pull cord.
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    mira sport max airboost, new install - strange faults

    Abit of a strange fault. But with this High mode- runs for a minute or so then stops working, no water comes out, there are no lights lit on the shower front as though we have lost all power, but the main fuse doesn’t trip, so I know their is power still at the shower. i'd be inclined to...
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    Help with 1 1/2 sink plumbing with leak

    The other thing is the the traps put together wrong the spill over level from trap is to high. causing your pipework to hold water
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    Help with 1 1/2 sink plumbing with leak

    My first call would be check the rubber seal inside.
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    Electric shower wont turn off

    if shower still runs with main power isolated, then you have a faulty flow valve.
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    Help with small leak from boiler end cap hot water pipe

    just nip it up with 2 adjustable spanners
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    What is the worth of a good torch for soldering pipe

    Superfire 2 is about £55 mapp gas about £12 Those cheaper blow torches are useless, they feed from the bottom of can so when you use them at an angle they starve of gas and tend to flare up
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    Trap for squat toilet.

    McAlpine WCTRAP4P 110mm Push Fit WC 'P' Trap
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    Old metric size radiator

    Remember alot of tail rails the pipework enters the bottom not the sides as a normal radiator
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    Radiator tails

    you need a rad allen key ie from diy stores etc. if you want new ones you can get then on ebay etc but the big stores won't have them on there own. where r u i got boxes of them i'd give you 2.