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    Looks like the 'Don't pay' campaign has hit a brick wall…

    The don't pay campaign was never going to work was it. You'd still have to pay it at some point.
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    Pig-headed Prime Minister sticks to her folly.

    I genuinely don't understand how the Tories keep voting to put idiots in charge. After Cameron we had Theresa may that was about as tough as margarine. Then we had bojo who could hardly put a sentence together and is a compulsive liar. I know the public voted him in eventually, but there...
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    Trickle Down Economics Explained

    trickle down economics dont work. kwarteng and truss have undone everything the bank of england were trying to do. if the value of the £ falls much further we'll be in turmoil and i cant see truss's leadership staying for much longer. starmer als appears to have suddenly awoke.. is it enough...
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    Tax cuts for the rich, hurrah!

    The budget that's been announced appear to counteract what the bank of England are trying to do to get inflation under control. It seems to be a budget not well thought out, almost as if the advisers were ignored a d forced out..
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    Lukewarm central heating on Intergas Rapid 32

    the nest stats have opentherm controls don't they? the 80 degrees in the settings might be the maximum allowable temperature not the actual temp it should produce. the opentherm will adjust the radiator water temps based on the learning of the nest stats to reduce gas usage. it may be simply...
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    Topdressing calculation

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    Topdressing calculation

    Sand and loam
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    Topdressing calculation

    So seems like it's the time of year to sort my grass out, used to be lovely but past couple of years been neglected and have bald patches in places and lots of weeds. I've done a weed and feed process so now ready to fix it. I'm going to scarify it first, then aerate it, then seed it, topdress...
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    London Bridge is apparently down

    To an extent it is a popularity contest, he needs to have the public on side to be considered relevant. He seems to be an alright bloke, but personally I don't see him as a strong personality, someone that people wish to follow, whereas William seems to have strong leadership qualities, and...
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    London Bridge is apparently down

    Because I think wills and Kate are more personable with the general public. Charles is still seen as the old guard, whereas William is seen as fresh and something needed to help move the country forward
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    London Bridge is apparently down

    Glad she snuffed it peacefully. Rest in peace Queeny. Hopefully Charles reign won't be for long. Tbh I think it should skip a generation and go straight to william
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    London Bridge is apparently down

    I've always understood it to be the left that wants rif of the monarchy as they see it as an antiquated part of society and they don't agree with their inherited privilege. There seems to be many leftist publications have published pieces regarding the removal of the monarchy from the guardian...
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    What, no Jag?

    The issue is jaguar havnt brought out any new jags for a considerable time because the idiot (Thierry balore, french btw) who took over as CEO cancelled everything and wants to take them more upmarket apparently that's where the money is.... Thierry track record at Renault wasn't great and so...
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    Man made climate change

    with the energy prices the way they are, wont be long till we're doing what greenpeace want us to..
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    Barristers striking

    That's if they declare it.... Most trades that are self employed tell the taxman they've earnt minimum wage.... From what I've read of criminal lawyers they should get a pay rise if there average earning has been less than 40k a year. Train drivers.. don't deserve an increase imo
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    Prices Rise 80%

    Our main car we've had for 10 years and was 7 years when we bought it. My car to get to work is he same age but has faired better over the years and is cheaper and easier to maintain so we will keep it for the foreseeable. The main car is getting a bit tired now and was planned for replacement...
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    Could Russia hang on a bit till we get the right diversity to fight them

    I was referring to the more recent aspects of life, I'm also not sure whether those that fought in the world wars were wholly free to make their own choice whether they fought for Britain or not. But similarly they were also fighting for world freedom.. The Gurkhas for instance are still...
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    Could Russia hang on a bit till we get the right diversity to fight them

    Why should a black man or woman or non binary, gay, lesbian, queer, him, her... Get paid more than me for the same job done to the same standard? (Like wise I don't agree with it the other way either men shouldn't get paid more than women etc) To recruit more they need to make it more...
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    PM hopeful Truss blamed YOU for Britain's failure

    When I was at school we had 3x class rooms for our CDT course. Anyway, 1 was full of lathes, there was a casting room between 2 of the class rooms, and 1 was for wood working, and the other was a classroom. In the 5 years I was at secondary school, the lathes and milling machines never got...
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    Could Russia hang on a bit till we get the right diversity to fight them

    They seem to forget that maybe 40% of women don't want to be in the air force... Or that statistically there isn't 20% of minority groups available within the uk, seeing as there is only 14.5% of the population that is ethnic minority based. Just hire people based on the needs of the business...