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    Moving toilet on concrete floor

    Saddle Branch 45 Degree Solvent Weld Clip - 110mm x 110mm and a single socket 45 degree bend to bring it up to floor level..
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    Shower trap recommendations
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    Unvented cylinder overflow pipe into soil stack?

    It can discharge into a soil stack via a HepVo trap.
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    Unvented cylinder overflow pipe into soil stack?

    Fit a Hotun Detect.
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    Difficulty sourcing replacement 32mm push fit seal in old soil pipe

    That's an Osma boss pipe you have there, get the boss adaptor linked below, prize off the front retaining ring on the boss adaptor with two small screwdrivers, the same with the boss pipe, fit the new ring seal into the boss pipe first before snapping the retaining ring back on as there is a...
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    What have you been doing today?

    No need to remove the wheel with a double ended inner tube...
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    condensate pipe Question

    No, it should not be connected there, that's on the water seal on the sink trap, the old double trap scenario,
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    Servicing Geberit concealed cistern

    As Godwasaplasterer push up to remove the flush plate. If you download the Geberit Pro app. on your phone and scan the flush plate, that will ID any parts you might need for that Geberit cistern. edited to add yt link
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    Flexi hose elbow connector
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    Removing an olive from rubber pipe
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    Caravan water tap tails, conversion

    1/2" BSP Parallel Male x 13 mm Hose Tail Check the I.D. of your hose first.
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    Twin sink plumbing - struggling to replace broken pipe

    This is the same as your existing setup,
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    Levelling shower tray

    Have to agree with Godwasaplasterer, only a cowboy would leave a shower tray that much off the level.
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    Replacing lockshield valves for pipe in the wall

    The RLV-S is for screwed iron pipe, the RLV-D is for copper pipe.
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    Radiator valve replacement unsure how to connect microbore.

    The TRV I posted is the same as your old one, just use the old existing nut and olive, it will fit the new valve.
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    Radiator valve replacement unsure how to connect microbore.
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    Tap connector solution

    A 1/2" brass BSP parallel thread hex nipple, or use the body of a 15mm compression straight coupling and file the ends flat,