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    Vintage Chandelier Question/worries!

    Lots of old metal fittings didn't have earth provisions, and they were used like that for years, that said doesn't make it correct. You might be able to add and earthing point to the lamp and possibly re-wire the light if needed. Obviously you have to get a sparky to do it. Have you got any...
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    What are your energy costs per kWh?

    Yes, thanks for your alert... I had a right old sweat on.... might be something to do with the 3 jumpers I've put on. :LOL:
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    What are your energy costs per kWh?

    Just re-edited my amounts, when I revisited the bill, the amounts were different to previous ones posted I can put the coffee machine back on now. ;)
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    What are your energy costs per kWh?

    I'm just looking at previous bills, to be honest, I've no idea what's going on, just seen my estimated usage is going to cost: £1900 gas - 10400 kWh £1630 electric - 3400 kWh o_O
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    What are your energy costs per kWh?

    As of today: Octopus Electric 26.05p/kWh 45.96p/day Gas 6.93p/kWh 25.92p/day
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    Fixing Ditra Matt to ply

    FWIW I used Ditra with 5mm notched... but mine was on screed, I used semi rapid flexible adhesive for the tiles (as have UFH), all seems well. I'd use Ditra again
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    Wet UFH in old house

    I used ready mix, had 30m² to lay, I used volumetric mixer, where it's mixed on the truck and you pay for what you use. Yes, I think you could slim down some of your depths...will give you a bit more head-height. The sand blinding can come down too, if needed, it's only to avoid puncturing the DPM
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    Wet UFH in old house

    Hi there I did this, if it helps, from Bottom up: 100mm hardcore 30mm blinding sand DPM 100mm concrete 100mm insulation (kingspan) Trays for UFH pipes Liquid screed, 70mm (plaster said if going conventional screed to go 1:3, dryish mix). Don't forget to put perimeter insulation around the...
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    Stable door too small for frame

    Can you not add the hardwood strip you are talking about, on the inside, so the door is sitting on 11mm (5+6mm strip), with a suitable weather seal all round you should be good. I think the door looks good, not my choice of handle. I have an outward opening door (multipoint locking) and water...
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    Bathroom Smell

    I could be wrong, but thought you still have to have a breather soil pipe outside, if you have an AAV inside, something to do with pressure. If you can hear gurgling under the bath when flushing the look, perhaps this is the pressure trying to take the water out of the trap, once empty you get...
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    Running utilities to an outbuilding

    Think my outbuilding is supplied with 16mm swa (armoured cable), this comes from house (CU). I questioned the size, as it's quite a large cable (physically)... remember the sparky saying it was something to do with the size of the earth cable.
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    Smelly drain

    Thanks for this. Been having a read up HS2 is not nice! I have cleaned out the gully, it was pretty clean, it's one of those gully's with the removable black sleeve. I haven't cleaned out the sink traps, but there is no smell in the house, just from the outside gully.
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    Smelly drain

    Out of curiosity, what's the deal with the washing machine angle? I have a had a smell this last couple of weeks, not sign of blockage etc, sink draining normal speed, smells a bit eggy... it's my kitchen hopper that stinks... always seems to be late afternoon! TIA
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    Please could somebody advise what wood these floorboards are?

    Dirty o_O :LOL: At a guess, old school pine floorboards, they look wide.(y)
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    Insulating and sound proofing vaulted roof

    For building regs, yes it is, think it used to be 150mm total i.e. 100 in-between and 50 under, (will stand to be corrected) it's to negate cold bridging from the wooden rafters. If you are not doing building regs, then you can please yourself.
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    Insulating and sound proofing vaulted roof

    From what I remember standard practise is to apply another layer of PIR foam, say 50mm over the rafters, before you plasterboard. This is what I have done before. Not needed sound proofing, but you could always double board with plasterboard.
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    UFH + Existing Property

    Had a watch online of milling the floor, its impressive, but for me, there is still a lack of insulation, and a good proportion of heat will dissipate through the ground... Also, not sure carpet is the most efficient covering for UFH, usually it's tile/stone. Sure you will get an expert to...
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    Toilet bowl height and bore hole in wall issue

    I always use McAlpine, I think they are better than the cheaper makes. (y)
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    UFH + Existing Property

    Not heard of the 'milling' before, but I imagine the mess and cost to be high, not sure you want to much around with the raft. Also even if you rout the UFH pipes into the slab, there is no insulation, so the heat will be taken up by the slab and the ground will leach some of the heat. I don't...
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    Best angle grinder blade for cutting granite?

    If you are cutting down a long worktop, then even the cheaper erbauer discs from Screwfix, will cut granite/quartz. Diamond discs I recently cut some using a small angle grinder, please wear a mask, googles, ear defenders, hat, gloves etc... it's very dusty.