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  1. misterhelpful

    Why is this new external wood paint looking so bad already?

    As has been alluded to, the time it takes to do the job properly is often too much work for some Decorators, or too expensive for some customers. The dark patches on the ledge are likely caused by denatured wood (bare and grey looking), which may also have contained excess moisture when...
  2. misterhelpful

    Clear lacquer gloss over water based paint

    Not the lacquer, but their gloss Decorator's Varnish was a go to product for me for years. It seals and protects delicate finishes as well as adding a nice sheen. I haven't used it for a number of years, so it may have changed now.
  3. misterhelpful

    Protective coat over emulsion

    You can use Polyvine Decorator's Varnish but I haven't used it for a few years so can't say if it's as good as it used to be. It's clear and comes in different finishes...flat, satin and gloss.
  4. misterhelpful

    Painting varnished doors

    If you want to go down the Zinsser route, it's easier to use their Coverstain or Bullseye 1-2-3 Plus because they are also far more user friendly than B-I-N. Either are suitable for using over varnishes or woodstains (providing they are wax free) as they block any potential dye bleed and adhere...
  5. misterhelpful

    Just Popping My Head Back In

    Hello, fellow 'Notters! It's been a while since I've posted on this site, but I'm still alive and kicking, and have been keeping a sneaky eye on you all from time to time. :sneaky: Good to see my old stomping ground of the Decorating and Painting forum is still going strong, with new members...
  6. misterhelpful

    US Trade Deal - US Demands we pay more for Drugs

    Yes, and yes. We all know it's not perfect, but no matter what your opinion may be of the NHS, fight for it with all you have! Between us, my wife and I pay close to $400 per month form our combined health and dental insurance. Each time we go to the doctor, we still have to pay between...
  7. misterhelpful

    Redecorating bedroom

    That's fine, but it wasn't around in the days that I started as a decorator. Soapy water was what I was taught to use and it served me well for 20 years. It is important to thoroughly soak the paper before scraping, and scoring painted and vinyl paper is vital for this to work. The Tiger you...
  8. misterhelpful

    Redecorating bedroom

    Score the paper, apply hot water with a squeeze of washing up liquid (not too soapy) or even a bit of washing powder, allow to soak in and wet again, allow to soak, scrape with a heavy duty scraper. Steamers can often cause more damage...
  9. misterhelpful

    DIYNot US site

    :D My head's only just recovered enough to start typing, but I'm not complaining. It was a pretty good game all round, but I do think Gatland knew how the game would go and stuck to the usual plan of late tactical substitutions.
  10. misterhelpful

    Help with correct paint to use!

    Many people claim rising damp doesn't even exist, but I don't care what they say; if you've lived in a house with rising damp, you know it exists. I lived in a house until I was almost 20 that had rising damp and as soon as we got it treated, it went away. Over 20 years later, my mother still...
  11. misterhelpful

    Sticking light mirror to drywall

    I used one of the No More Nails products at least 15 years ago, for the exact same situation, and I know the mirror is still in place today. A quick google shows that their One For All range is suitable for use on mirrors, so I imagine that would be a good choice, but it was called something...
  12. misterhelpful

    Dulux Gloss Paint Yellowing

    Dulux had huge issues with the VOC changes causing problems for their white oil based paints. They quickly came out with a new formula, which stayed white a lot longer, although that is still somewhat debatable. The new version was sold with a blue lid at that time (at least in their trade...
  13. misterhelpful

    Mist coats

    The reasons for an initial mist coat are to satisfy the porosity of the plaster and to avoid just creating a film of paint on the surface. As a full coat of paint has already been applied, a mist coat now would be pretty pointless and may even cause a bigger problem. Was the Leyland Trade...
  14. misterhelpful

    Were These Windows Ever Painted Properly?

    I may be missing something, but it seems a bit strange for a Housing Association to not be obliged to paint the exterior of their property. They may not be required to do it as often as you would like, or even to keep it up to the standard that most expect, but if you are just renting from them...
  15. misterhelpful

    Exterior Painting in Winter

    Wait! It's not so much a matter of whether paint can be applied at 5-7°C, but whether it can dry before the temperature drops further. That said, paint does also thicken in colder temperatures making application harder. The fact that almost all paints will need at least 6 hours to dry...
  16. misterhelpful

    Were These Windows Ever Painted Properly?

    For what it's worth, I don't think they did the repaint very well at all. The streakiness of the paint suggests it was just a quick makeover job, performed with very little preparation and judging by the way the top coat has blistered and flaked. It looks as if grit and dust was left on the...
  17. misterhelpful

    How would you repair this prior to painting?

    Ugh, I was hoping it was localised to the border area, which would have been a simpler fix. It appears a mist coat hasn't been properly applied, if at all. That said, you still have a few options. Whatever you do, you will need to scrape away as much of the flaky paint as necessary, until you...
  18. misterhelpful

    How would you repair this prior to painting?

    Has an adhesive border been stripped from the area, because it looks like the walls have been painted two colours with a pencil line used as a guide for something? The peeling paint is typical of this situation. If so, the repair should be relatively easy but you will need to explain the cause...
  19. misterhelpful

    DIYNot US site

    It was a good game but, as a Welshman, no England win is a good result! :sneaky: To be fair, the best team did win.
  20. misterhelpful

    Blown vinyl vs Anaglypta ?

    I'm not sure of your taste, or what type of pattern you're looking for, but I can say that I've literally hung thousands of rolls of Super Fresco White Snow. It's pretty neutral, and covers problem walls wonderfully, not that you seem to have that issue. It was extremely popular with people of...