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  1. prceramics

    How much does tile adhesive iron out “slightly” uneven walls

    get him back an show him what you are talking about with the level? you might be too fussy mate , it might be a simple problem to overcome its hard to say without seeing it just remember your tiled surface will mirror your untiled walls
  2. prceramics

    How much does tile adhesive iron out “slightly” uneven walls

    why did you plaster it? you should of just left the plasterboard far better surface to tile, if you are using adheisive to hide 10mm i feel you are asking for trouble
  3. prceramics

    Old grout / adhesive not shifting - opinions & thoughts

    overboard with hardie backer-board trowel over flexy adhesive to fill the voids then screw the board down ( where to screw is marked on the boards) then tile and defects (bounce) in the floor must be sorted first
  4. prceramics

    Cutting switch holes?

    score the rectangle drill a hole in one corner then nibble the rest out with parrot pincher's
  5. prceramics

    grout remove with a dremel

    why not just recolour the grout ?
  6. prceramics

    Internal corner and levels, where do i start?

    you should never tile onto tile .
  7. prceramics

    Floor tiles on concrete floor with adhsive from previous

    preperation is everything in tiling get it all off mate
  8. prceramics

    2 weeks waiting time

    who told you that ?
  9. prceramics

    wall or floor first?

    batton the walls do the walls first apart from the bottom cut then do the floor then last wall cut
  10. prceramics

    Upside down tiles

    tape :)
  11. prceramics

    Bathroom Floor Tiling

    you can use 3mm spacers on the floors mate but that is the Minimum
  12. prceramics

    2 weeks waiting time

    grout after 24hours unless says different on adhesive instuctions then you are suposed to wait 2 weeks before using the shower i take it is going to be tanked or have you used backerboards ?
  13. prceramics

    Worktop height level with window sill (problem)

    good call was having trouble getting me head around it lol
  14. prceramics

    Bathroom floor prep

    have you looked into ditra matt its only 3mm thick or Durabase CI Matting
  15. prceramics

    Removing tiles from PB!

    you could try this but i feel it would be quicker and proberly cheaper to change the board :)
  16. prceramics

    WP1 Tanking or Hardiebacker for tiling existing plasterboard

    i use ultra but there are loads of good ones mapei (not the one from b&q) bal, webber or even topps tiles own brand stuff is made by palace and is not too bad if you are grouting in white try and use a white adhesive.
  17. prceramics

    WP1 Tanking or Hardiebacker for tiling existing plasterboard

    wp1 kit would be fine mate just make sure you don't use the tubbed adhesive use a good quality trade bagged adhesive
  18. prceramics

    Uneven bathroom tile finish to ceiling.

    cant think of any witty replies :) stick some pictures up sure we can come up with a solution :)
  19. prceramics

    Epoxy floor Tile Grout In Wet Room With Undefloor Heating

    no need to use Epoxy grout in my opinion unless in a hospital or going to come in contact with food
  20. prceramics

    Tile onto plasterboard

    use a good trade standard adhesive dont get it from b&q