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  1. kazuya

    Neighbour problem

    possibly a permitted development so no planning needed, however that doesn't stop you making a complaint about anything you think they are doing wrong, like packing soil against your wall, even though its permitted they have to follow strict guidelines, ring the council and they will send...
  2. kazuya

    Responsibility for Asbestos

    round here ya ring the council, they drop off bags, you double bag the "asbestos", seal the bags with tape ring the council and tell them its ready, they then collect it £125 last time i did it
  3. kazuya

    Estate agent has not listed property correctly

    i was selling my mums house after she died and the estate agent was terrible, so i just told him to get lost and found another also i dont do any work for letting agents or estate agents anymore, all they seem to do is **** you about as an example i was once asked to go to a property and change...
  4. kazuya

    Is my builder fobbing me off? Damp patch...

  5. kazuya

    Is my builder fobbing me off? Damp patch...

    looks like your builder was right......................................shocker
  6. kazuya

    To make two uprights Level

    a laser level would be the easiest, but it would need to be in the evening when its not to bright
  7. kazuya

    Do I have lintels above my windows?

    chances are theres no external lintels, they would have used wooden windows and build straight on top as the wooden ones are stronger, however seeing as your windows have already been changed to upvc at some point either means either there was a lintel put in at the time of changing or more than...
  8. kazuya

    What to plasterboard first?

    same when it comes to skimming
  9. kazuya

    Asbestos in fire place??

    what he said
  10. kazuya

    Concrete Calculation questions

    15kg of cement, 30kg of sand, 56kg of gravel and 14 litres of water
  11. kazuya

    What do you think of this brick work?

    who cares what the dpc is made from? hes obviously made his dpc joint big so the courses match what was he supposed to do? hes just done exactly what i would have done
  12. kazuya

    What do you think of this brick work?

    it also looks huge on the original wall on the right, so looks like hes just followed suit
  13. kazuya

    What do you think of this brick work?

    looks alright to me
  14. kazuya


    remove the guttering and the polygon shaped end caps and the panel should slide out
  15. kazuya

    Scary letter from next door re shared chimney pot rebuild.

    apart from anything else the quote seems high to me, obviously it varies area to area but still 5k for 11 courses and a couple of pots? is it really difficult to get to? personally id take woodys advice, write them a reply can you post some pictures of the stack?
  16. kazuya

    Is my builder fobbing me off? Damp patch...

    have you topped the boiler back up into the green? they do need topping up now and again but not often, and yours is very low it does all look suspiciously like a leak
  17. kazuya

    The difference between various 100mm blocks?

    since we voted to leave the EU i for one have gone back to using feet and inchs :D
  18. kazuya

    An actual duct that will fit a 127mm hole

    yea 350mm will be long enough to go through a cavity wall
  19. kazuya

    An actual duct that will fit a 127mm hole

    if you read the reviews for the cooker hood kit, someone says "The erbauer 127mm core drill is perfect for the job if used with the plastic tube - the metal flexi-tube will not fit."
  20. kazuya

    Levelling joists with plastic spacers?

    how are those things self leveling when you need to turn it on the thread?