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    End play problem with Rotary Hammer Drill when using a long 450mm drill bit

    I've got a cheapo 1m long bit, you should see the end of that wobble around. You should be drilling pilot holes, SDS drills are not precision instruments, a 16mm without a pilot hole can easily destroy a brick.
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    Another "stuck" toilet seat!

    First thing I'd do as prime minister is sort out toilet seat hinges. Probably more wasted lives than WW1!
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    195 joists into/onto 178 rsj

    Bloody hell, that was quick - 4 minutes!. I just stuck my joists into the web, with noggins to stop them going anywhere, tops and bottoms notched a little bit to get everything level.
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    Choosing laminate for whole house, what thickness, and reducing noise

    I'd spend a bit more on downstairs and a bit less on the bedrooms. The differences can be put down to "contrast". The only (slight) noise we hear from upstairs is when my son rolls his office chair across his bedroom. Have a look at lvt as well.
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    The estate agent wouldn't provide a copy of the report, fair enough, I had a garbled conversation with them and the apparent issue is the two main timber beams that carry the loft floor joists. His concern is that they may deflect excessively (not that they have done yet) and that one of them...
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    Render on steel lintel

    Thanks. It's internal, I know I could foam board it but just wondered about S&C, seem to stick to my trowel and wheelbarrow no problems!
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    The house is back on the market! After we said we weren't paying for a survey, the buyer said she had another "builder/surveyor" ready (as you do) to come that day with a view to producing some kind of scheme of works that might only cost 10k or so which we could just knock off the price! We've...
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    Running utilities to an outbuilding

    You will need a installation certificate for the electrics so get an electrician to design/size it - oversizing will just waste your money. You shouldn't really break into the water supply pipe before the main internal stoptap. If you're having water then don't forget drainage. I never bothered...
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    New build house with defective drylinig

    I don't know where a DPM goes round windows in a modern cavity wall? You should be able to fit closers just by removing the plasterboard in the reveals. Personally I doubt expanding foam would cause problems with bursting if injected round the perimeters as there's plenty of room for it to expand.
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    Render on steel lintel

    Will it stick? I know it's probably designed for bonding but I don't really do plaster. I was thinking some SBR slurry brushed on then a thin first coat?
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    plate compactor: petrol or electric to vibrate dried sand between block pavers

    The compactor is to compact the blocks down onto the sharp sand bedding layer. The kiln dried sand can be brushed in.
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    Back to brick

    I'm a DIYer, my choice is sand/cement render (screeds and fill in) with a multifinish skim. It's much easier for a beginner than plaster.
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    My mum is selling her house. It's a bungalow on an estate of similar properties built in the 60"s. It has two dormers, installed in the 1970s, in common with many of the others houses on the estate. Other than the usual (felt roofs, timber windows and timber cladding - all now replaced with...
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    DIY Moling for new water main feed

    If you can get to any part of the house, you can terminate the communication pipe there, then run your own pipes internally.
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    Blown side of seat airbag

    Funny but they used to say replace them every 10 years - that clearly went out of the window. Might be worth an insurance claim if you have protected NCB. But it would probably be written off.
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    How can I double shoot this issue? 12v Water Tap..

    Quite common to use a doorbell when the microswitch burns out (they don't like the current drawn by the pump).
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    Going price for a cube of ready mix?

    I paid £500 recently for 3 cubes(Manchester area) and the first always costs more. They barrowed it round the back, didn't spill a drop and even gave me a hand with the tamping.
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    I'm turning into Del Boy!

    Near me (North Manchester), people keep saying - "To be fair", I don't understand what it means.
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    RSJ fitting not flush

    Have you asked your builder? It almost looks like the strongboy or something is stopping it moving over. Maybe he's gone to think about it over the weekend.
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    The Idea behind the gun is that you can (if you only need part of the can) remove the can, clean everything up (with a separate cleaning product) and reuse the rest later. In practice, for the sake of £5 you're probably better just chucking away what's left of the single use can, although as...