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    is my hot water gravity?

    1 tank in the loft would suggest you have a primatic cylinder. EDIT: just seen your pictures, ignore this. unless you want to know how a primatic cylinder works
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    Boiler firing even when off

    you may have unseized the valve mechanically but the switch inside might still be made and thus calling for heat. what pipes get hot? do the rads get warm?
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    will new boiler be too low?

    cut a sheet of ply the same size as the boiler, then fix the new boiler to that sheet, cut a new flue hole above the existing one, then brick it up from outside.
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    Plastic microbore to 15mm valve, how?

    but you'll be struggling to get one until we're out of the current lockdown. you'll also need a couple of inserts too
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    Can a regular boiler work as a system boiler?

    some people call heat only boilers system boilers. i worked with a guy for years who would call a heat only conventional boiler a system boiler, it was either a system boiler or a combi with him
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    22mm reducer fittings

    the 'male' end 22mm diameter the 'female' end will accept 15mm pipe
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    22mm reducer fittings

    you need one of these for the first scenario (with a bit of 15mm copper in between the reducer to the push fit coupler)...
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    New central heating installed, hide radiator pipes

    agreed with the above, that yellow handle will no doubt stop every tap in your house except the kitchen sink!
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    New central heating installed, hide radiator pipes

    it is a bit odd that they've chose to drop the pipes down right next to the radiator. Usually they're dropped in the corner and then along the top of the skirting board. Maybe there's something above that stops this? or if the radiator is under the window the drops can be hidden behind the curtain.
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    Routing condensate pipe new boiler install

    plumber number 2 is right, if your bath water drains away with no problem the little amount of condensate water will do the same, it's not boiling water, it's luke warm at best. It is acidic and that's why it's usually run in plastic because nothing destroys plastic!! (as we all should know by...
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    Bathroonm Renovation - Suspect Material

    that's fluffy cavity wall insulation that a mouse has made a home out of
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    Back boiler condemned, what to put in fireplace

    modern electric fires are surprisingly good looking nowadays, you can get a nice fire surround with it and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Just don't expect it to heat the room though. dead easy to fit too.
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    Condensate Pipe Problem

    the pipe has to constantly run downhill away from the boiler so it will be difficult to run it under the floor as there probably won't be enough fall on the pipe. condesate pumps don't run for long, 10 seconds at most and depending on how much you use your boiler they might not even go off all...
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    Recommend me a deeper rad valve

    have you tried pulling the pipe up? you can usually pull some extra pipe through the floor on 8mm especially if it's downstairs. if not you're going to have to cut it lower down and join a bit
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    Life expectancy of lead pipe

    I've found this is the most reliable equation for working what you're asking out, it takes in lots of various factors, but i won't bore you with the details. let us know how you get on.
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    How to cover gas pipe in concrete floor

    i thought you might be referring to the conversation at 01:15, "I'm not a professional" "you're not? You should be, because if you took up gas fitting you'd be the best in the country" "look, i'm not interested OK, i'm making sheet loads out of forum posts"
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    Will this plume pipe fit ?

    that's the exact same flue as what you have, from memory Baxis need a whole different flue for a plume kit, best to wait for your installer to have a look.
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    Boiler airlock? Or loose pipes?

    it sounds to me like your boiler could be overheating and the water is boiling inside. violent banging like you're describing isn't usually pipes expanding. go check your F&E tank (the smaller one of the two) in the loft when it's happening, is the water really hot? is there any water in it at...