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    Trickle Down Economics Explained

    I was going to tell you a joke about trickle-down economics. But 99% of you wouldn't get it.
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    Great quotes

    The definition of a gentleman is someone who can play the accordian, but doesn't.
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    Ukraine counter offensive

    You mean like a supermarket, with a high tech missile? Most of their approach has been bombarding empty fields and advancing a short disctance. Incredibly inefficient, which is why they ran out of resources, and lost so much ground. Perhaps they think tactics are minty sweets?
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    Do people know about YouTube?

    What's your favourite channels on YT? Mine: Lindybiege - Lots of history/random stuff, and a bit of humour. If only he had been my teacher when I was at school. NotJustBikes - Urban planning by a guy who moved to Amsterdam from Canada. His orange fronted vids are his main video essays, and...
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    Ukraine counter offensive

    I can think of worse earworms.
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    Lowest U.K. unemployment for 48 years.

    How's that immigration rate being going since 2016?
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    Ukraine counter offensive

    True, but also other NATO countries have also been doing that as well.
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    Ukraine counter offensive

    What is it you are against? Are you against Putin inviading a sovereign country? Are you against supporting Ukraine to defend itself?
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    One of my FB friends has posted that he's told his kid that their money in their piggy bank is now worthless, as it has the Queen's head on them. Once in a lifetime(ish) opportunity.
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    London Bridge is apparently down

    Good post, thanks.
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    London Bridge is apparently down

    Just across the water: Queen Beatrix signing the instrument of abdication, 2013. But that was her choice. Our Queen stayed to the end, and fair play to her. Worked to the end, and Charles is perfectly entitled to succeed her. I don't get why he shouldn't. Strange system, that seems to work.
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    Rishi or Liz?

    It dates back to Dickensian and even further back to even the 17th century. with an update of:
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    Oldest (operational) appliance?

    In my previous house, the boiler I think was a Glow Worm. Looked older than 1980 (more like 60s!). Refused to change it, as it worked and just needed vacuuming once a year.
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    Oldest (operational) appliance?

    Fridge/Freezer (Beko) and washing machine (from the planet Zanussi) both bought in 2004. Got a microwave at the same time (Sharp), but was murdered by one of our offspring with teh pantry door. Both remaining appliances working well. Washing m/c been repaired twice, which we can't complain...
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    Bro, how the **** did I get raided and Boris Johnson's there?

    He was probably there during the Spanish Inquisition as well.
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    Trump home raided

    She was rather morally dubious as well.
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    Notting Hill Carnival!

    I haven't seen it, but would like to.
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    Notting Hill Carnival!

    A bus shelter collapsing doesn't sound like violence, or a horse collapsing, neither does "binmen sorting hippy crack". (I don't click of DM links). For context, Reading looked quite grim this year, and not for the first time. I was at Leeds Fest in 2002, and saw it was about to kick off in...
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    The Air Fryer Channel

    Everything I hate about most modern microwaves: Excessive amount of useless functions and buttons. All most of us need is a timer and power setting. The innards of a microwave are nearly all made in the same factory, no matter what make you buy.
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    The Air Fryer Channel

    We were in Lakeland last week, where we saw the izza oven (and commented similar). They were also demonstrating the AirFryer with oven chips. Very nice chips, but as other have said - where would you put it? Meanwhile, we have a Standard Remoska Electric Cooker that we use in the campervan...