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    DIY MDF Skirting

    From where you are at the moment, try the process described by @JobAndKnock on a couple of sections and see how it goes. MDF has its advantages (as he's detailed above) if you want a painted finish- especially the dimensionally stable bit- I've got a long (7m) straight run of 175mm timber Ogee...
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    DIY MDF Skirting

    A few years ago MDF was cheaper but not any more. Those sharp edges will make your life very difficult. Painting them without buildup on the inside corners is hard work (spraying possibly a better method), your mitres and corners have to be absolutely spot-on (any feathering will stand out...
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    DIY MDF Skirting

    Was the primer water based as well? Oops. TBH I don't know why anyone would DIY MDF skirting, dado etc- the trades buy the prefinished stuff cos it saves time (cut to length, glue to wall, done) but it's the same price as real timber (or it was last month). I'd suggest you try refinishing one...
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    Tile behind or onto the rim of a bath

    What would be the consequences of water getting under the bath? If under there is fully floored, tanked and has some ventilation then go the easy route (tile the whole wall). If you have the normal situation under there (big holes for pipes etc) you'll be better off following MIs- their method...
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    DIY MDF Skirting

    I 'win' the MDF I use mainly from theatre sets so no real control over what type it is, ta for the tip :)
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    generator storage

    Had to Google that- useful tip for occasional use things (chainsaw etc)- ta!
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    generator storage

    Consider using super unleaded (assuming it's petrol) rather than e7- the e7 will cause problems with fuel lines and other rubber bits in the carburettor if left standing.
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    DIY MDF Skirting

    If you are paying for the MDF, have a look at timber instead, it was cheaper last month like for like. I've never managed a good finish when routing MDF, it always comes up a bit fluffy and porous (though the sealing stuff you paint on does help)
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    CH TImers that work per hour

    Doubt you'll find a standalone one to do that unless you want the boiler active for 10 minutes every hour all day and all night. Loads of ways to do it with 'smart' kit but you may find limits on how many times activations you can have in a day with the dedicated apps. However, if you link a...
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    Party wall/working Sundays and loft conversion

    The answer to neighbours question about chimney is yes you do use it and will be continuing to use it as a chimney and why are they asking? Up here 'reasonable' working times are 8am-6pm Mon-Fri, 8am-1pm Sat, noisy work on a Sunday is not reasonable.
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    Running utilities to an outbuilding

    Consider putting a loo in a corner since you have drainage- saves traipsing down to the house covered in oil and getting soaked in the rain when you need a wee :) . Also re electrical supply, don't let your spark supply the garage via an RCD in the house- mine is wired via Henley blocks to a...
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    Running utilities to an outbuilding

    Is this outbuilding already there or still at the planning stage? What are you going to do about drainage if you have a tap in there? If the gutters are going to a soakaway you absolutely cannot connect a sink or whatever to that- if you're only putting an outside tap on I wouldnt waste the...
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    Dormer tile - fallen off

    Tingle- bit of copper strip, used to fix slates (didn't know they worked with tiles as well) when you can't get to the fixing holes (cos slates or tiles in the way). Not sure I'd trust them on a vertical but add good glue & prob be ok. No visible batten there so have to bend the top ends into Us...
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    New build house with defective drylinig

    Not sure if was the same study I read about drylining Vs wet- the big advantage of wet plaster is it fills holes in blocks/bricks and mortar courses so reducing draught and energy loss. Think it mentioned a wall would get a pass under current regs with air porosity equivalent to a hole the size...
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    EICR Cost

    £300 is steep for an EICR on a house that size- might be realistic in London but not up here in t'North. Though it gets more realistic if it was a 100% test and inspect rather than 20%. And that sort of job the price shouldn't vary from quote to job unless the householder obstructed the job...
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    Burst Pipe 3 bar pump spraying water all over the place.

    Oh boo, suckered by a zombie thread. Must check dates .... :(
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    40mm Waste into existing vertical sewage pipe

    Good luck- pay attention to where the load from the bath is going :)
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    Installing hive on old system. No wiring centre?

    Question- can you have the heating on without warming the hot water cylinder? If not then you almost certainly have a gravity system- I believe Hive can accommodate these but check first.
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    40mm Waste into existing vertical sewage pipe

    I thought originally that section dropping into the plasterboard was curved but apparently not- yes if you can hack some of that plasterboard out to make space you should be able to fit one below the collar (don't try and fit it on the collar, the pipe radius will be different to the adaptor and...
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    40mm Waste into existing vertical sewage pipe

    You might just get a solvent weld boss adaptor below the existing hole but you'll only gain about 50mm at best. You've just discovered one of the snags with doing a house room by room- all those compression fittings and shoddy pipework in that boxing are a concern, ideally you'd pull it all out...