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    Party wall/working Sundays and loft conversion

    Are retired dead quieter than working dead?
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    June 2022 Glazing Safety glass regs

    Yep, that's what it says. And good news, the area relates to the internal floor area. Note that, ordinarily, and where applicable, you are obliged to satisfy the regulations as they stood at the date of commencement of the works.
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    June 2022 Glazing Safety glass regs

    The use of safety glass would relate to Part K(4), but I'm not aware of any changes to Part K since 2013. According to the Approved Documents, compliance with part K can be achieved by the provision of safety glass as you've described. This is not new.
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    RSJ sitting on centre of padstone

    Why didn't you measure it? What if it had been 5.7m!?!
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    Permitted development technical details

    I refer you to my previous reply
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    Permitted development technical details

    I'm not a lawyer, but it's my understanding that Permitted Development and Lawful Development Certificates belong to two separate pieces of legislation (GPDO 2015 and TCPA 1990, respectively - there's also LBCA 1990, but we can ignore that one for the purposes of this discussion). So, it's not...
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    I expect they'll take it, so don't worry about it.
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    Do I really need an Architect

    Architects are ARB registered.
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    Was planning permission needed for this garden office?

    By all means, carry on back pedalling, but in planning terms flats and houses (and their amenities) remain fundamentally distinct.
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    Planning enforcement

    If there was a further complaint on grounds sufficiently different from before, or if the Council was found to have erred in law then it's possible that a case could be opened. FWIW, I think this scenario is extremely unlikely. Save the screenshot, and just move on and don't worry about it.
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    Planning enforcement

    What do you have in writing?
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    Sell house with planning or sell plot separately

    In general, it's better to build out the permission, but YMMV
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    Demolition and Rebuild Under Permitted Development?

    These days, we don't do demolition, merely dismantling.
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    Recommend me a wheelbarrow - 2 wheels or 1?

    Just make sure it's Building Regs compliant
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    where do I find a copy of the "building regulations"?

    "where I can find a copy of the official building regulations" I'm going to politely assume you're joking
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    Applying for planning again after you already got permission!

    Incidentally, if it's not a 'minor amendment', and you find yourself going down the 'new application' route, it's probably still substantially similar to the original application and thereby falls under the 'one-free-go' rule, which applies regardless of whether an application is withdrawn...
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    Inner room fire escape problem

    (unless 'enshrined by way of an easement')
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    Loss of access ?

    I'm afraid we're dealing with a considerable backlog at the moment. Please leave a message after the tone.
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    New garage height

    It's a risk; you should build according to the plans. The LPA have four years from completion to take action.