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    Downpipe draining on to pavement

    Just about every shop in our high street has its downpipes discharging onto the pavement. The council does ocasionaly put in a shallow concrete trough to contain the water a little, and for people to trip over.
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    The Caravan Act, yeah right.

    " As you can’t get mortgages on mobile homes they either aren’t paying a mortgage, or the mortgage company is satisfied it’s actually a fully fledged timber framed house." I think that's because most are park homes so the owners don't own the land it's sitting on. This situation is apparently...
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    Log burning stove pipe regulations

    Won't it cause condensation and sooting in that section? I thought flues ought to be kept as hot as possible.
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    Usage when house unoccupied

    "not sure if this an old wifes tail, but we keep the freezer as full as possible - often just with bread - as an empty freezer apparently uses more power" I've always assumed that that means if the freezer is opened and shut in ordinary useage then each time a load of cold air spills out and...
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    Noise disturbance from a new Dormer

    Can you plant a tree in front of it to deaden the noise? Or there are I think negative noise devices, which you tune in to a particular frequency and cancel out the sound.
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    Recommend me a wheelbarrow - 2 wheels or 1?

    Anything that doesn't have a galvanised tub and chassis will not last that long. Most wheelbarrows rot in my experience just in front of the wheel, partly because they invariable are stored with the handles pointing upwards, so water collects inside, and partly because of careless tipping on...
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    Three storey house, kitchen move from middle to ground floor.

    As most kitchens are sited on the ground floor, close to an easy exit route, I'd have thought that's not going to be too difficult? Easier than satisfying safety requirements on the first floor.
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    Access to next door gas meter

    There appears to be what looks like an old bellpush on the right of the doorway?
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    Building fence on boundary line

    "A highway used by vehicular traffic does not limit itself to motorised vehicles, nor should it be open to all forms of vehicles. As this footpath is open to pedestrians and cyclists it would still fall within the definition of ‘A highway used by vehicular traffic’." You could just check that...
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    Took refused PP to Tribunal in 2003 - didn't realize this was final we could not apply again.

    "We were so naïve thinking after nearly 20 years we could have put it in again but it seems we cannot. So out of interest does anyone know if that means ALL future owners of our cottage could NOT apply?" That can't be true, surely? It would protect the site in perpetuity? If true it would be a...
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    Smart meters, electric vehicle charging points and Economy 7

    That's how ours works. There are two separate consumer units - the normal one and a smaller one that only becomes live during the night. That used to run the storage heaters, but now is useful for running washing machine, dishwasher, dehumidifier, or anything else that can with advantage be run...
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    How can I tell who is responsible for a large retaining wall ?

    So if neither the upper or lower garden owner has such a document then the wall just falls over and stays there, no one has responsibility to do anything?
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    Family member built loft extension without permission / building reg

    Which is riskier to escape down in a hurry - a staircase or a ladder?
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    Is my neighbour's garden room breaking regs

    Those across the fence are building a nice garden room if you need any guidance.(y) That was my thought too. What's that station kiosk in the corner - Timpsons shoe repairs?
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    Front fence and enforcement notice

    It's nice to hear for a change of a council that is not short of money, and whose staff are all at work busy attending promptly and proactively to major breaches of planning laws. To read the newspapers you'd think that half the staff were still "working" from home and that backlogs were now...
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    Cutting a cable with the outer sheath

    An angle grinder will cut anything in a few seconds
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    Car insurance with no car?

    Supposing you wrote your car off and in the process injured someone. At first the person's injuries were thought insignificant. But if the symptoms later became more serious - eg neck or spine injuries, then the insurer would have a continued liability for the costs of consequences of the...
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    Alternatives to soakaway

    Because, obviously, it must have gone somewhere. There was no soakaway, presumably the house was not surrounded by a flood of rainwater that couldn't drain anywhere - in short, the rain didn't matter. So why does it suddenly matter now, simply as a result of falling on an extension roof and then...
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    Alternatives to soakaway

    What happened to the rain that used to fall on the ground now occupied by the extension?
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    Building regs on timberwork for roof windows

    What does a window weigh compared with that of the slates you have taken out? Is it a lot higher?