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    Technique for removing slates with minimal damage to them

    If you're working top down, you should be able to get a flat breaking bar behind the slate to lever it up a couple of mm, then you can get a thin piece of wood, rest the back of the hammer on it, and pry the nails out. I luckily had copper nails where I stripped some back for a flat roof to...
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    Manky inspection chamber

    The top pipes are purely for rodding access, not for waste to pass. They are drop-shaft inlets, to avoid having to dig all the sewers so deep, as on my site it's not necessary after the connection from the road. This was it during construction
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    Manky inspection chamber

    Thanks @Hugh Jaleak , glad it's not a 'fault. I'll see if I can get a bit on aluminium and make something... could be awkward as the base is nearly 1m down... could do with one on a bench to much about with. I had to go with plugs as I cut the pipe too short for screwed access caps. I am...
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    Old Roofing Felt Advice

    Try and unroll it.... I bet with the temperature extremes it's experienced, the edges will all be stuck to each other, and into the bin it will need to go.....
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    Hardwall vs sand/cement on new extension

    The walls are to be externally insulated, to regs. So the whole house will act like a storage heater, which I like.
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    Manky inspection chamber

    Hi all, I installed new drainage as part of an extension earlier this year. The fall on the chamber is a little bit steep, as we had to go inline to an existing drain run (Now removed). Currently, only the top right inlet is in use for bathroom and kitchen, the straight inlet isn't connected...
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    Hardwall vs sand/cement on new extension

    We have built a new extension, about 80m2, lots of wall to cover. Most of the trades who've come to see about skimming it, have said they would use Hardwall as a base, and not sand/cement. (We don't want to d+d plasterboard, don't like it) I have a feeling the Hardwall is going to cost more...
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    Concrete Slab mix quantities

    Minimum 150mm type 1 sub base (compacted size). You can avoid mesh if you spend a bit more on fibre re-enforced concrete, at 150mm. You will regret not insulating it. Sure it's not the biggest heat-loss area, but you don't want a condensation issue....
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    Loft Insullation - Mineral Wool, Glass Wool, Rigid Board?!

    It's that time of year where the sheds, such as B&Q, have very good deals on Knauf Earthwool - especially if you need multiple rolls. Although I have only seen 100, 170 & 200mm thicknesses. I've found it reasonably pleasant to work with, as insulation goes... very little itching (When wearing...
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    The guns have a massive thread, which the top of the foam can screws into. This opens the valve, so the foam can enter the gun, and be discharged via the trigger. When you finish the can, you get a can of gun cleaner, which attached in the same way, and you fire some of that through, to clean...
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    I've left cans connected to the gun for several months, and they have continued fine. I only use cleaner through the gun when finishing a can and not fitting a new one. Bit of cleaner on the tip of the gun after each use though, and Stanley knife over the tip of it to make sure it can fire...
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    block and beam floor - what should the beams be resting on?

    There should also be a DPC under the beams.....
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    Flexible 110mm waste pipe

    i've used 0-30 ones, with a single joint. I also have an offcut of 110mm double skin pipe behind the shed, which was used to get water into a soakaway. It could be manipulated however you want. Cannot remember what connectors it used to go to the soild 110mm plastic though....
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    Hettich hinge restrictor

    I have hinges that look the same, and clip '2' was the one that sorted it for me. Had great fun working out how to fit it!
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    How to Flash a flat roof window

    Hi all, I have built my flat roof, and very soon need to fit and flash the Velux flat roof windows. There is no flashing kit for this, so I need to make one up from EDPM rubber (I have a roll of 300mm wide), and contact adhesive and seal. I have never flashed a roof window before, and Google...
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    Channel drains?

    Yes, they are rated, the £10 ones will be pedestrian rated in all likeness. You will need one rated for the heaviest thing that could go over, so don't forget the oil deliveries, or skips you may want in the future. They go all the way up to airfield rating!
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    Correctly backfilling trench

    It's recommended by the water suppliers at least, and essential for sewers. Cannot see how it would damage anything, especially if in utility ducts....
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    Correctly backfilling trench

    I'd get 100mm of pea gravel all around them, as a precaution. Ideally then add type1 base over that and whack down, then finish with topsoil. But just topsoil over the pea gravel would be OK, it will compress over time of its own accord.
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    Correctly backfilling trench

    Much depends what is above the trench (Driveway, garden etc)
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    RSJ Bearing question - do I need to fix?

    I'm building my own extension.... as soon as the engineer specified a UB & a UC, I looked it up, found out what they meant, and from that point on referred to them by the correct name. If a builder can't do that, well.....