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    Hive wiring help!!

    Do the same on the hive. Link 3 to live with the same little bit of wire. the green wires should have a brown sleeve over them to indicate they are live.
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    Central Heating won't turn off (Worcester Boiler/Hive) - help please

    Turn off the power. On the side of the blue box is a button. (On the side you can see in the picture). If you push the button it allows the blue box to be lifted from the valve. On the valve underneath check that the spindle isn't seized. It should move freely.
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    Boilers mate Will not switch off

    Take it you mean a Gledhill Boiler Mate. If the heating is staying on, the boiler mate is getting a demand from somewhere to run the heating pump. Do you have more than one thermostat for the heating? (upstairs/downstairs) If you do then you may have a problem with a zone vale.
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    O ring lubricant

    A bit of spit is the best lubricant for most applications. Failing that , silicon grease.;)
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    Is Pressurised tank for heating system correct

    In that case,it's fine where it is.
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    Baxi Instant 80HE not detecting Hot Water Flow

    I would just leave it. They break up in to tiny pieces so it's unlikely to cause an issue.
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    Baxi Instant 80HE not detecting Hot Water Flow

    Venturi will sort it. Baxi tech are talking rubbish. He has probably never worked in the field and seen these boilers work without the venturi intact. The venturi is probably in little bits in the plate heat exchanger. Take no notice of Agile. The venturi is all you need.
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    Is Pressurised tank for heating system correct

    Your description is a bit confusing. When you say pressurised, do you mean the system is filled via a filling loop and there is a pressure gauge for you to see how much pressure is in the system?
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    no water pressure in a Vokera linea 28

    If air keeps coming out of the air vent and the expansion vessel will not hold any pressure the vessel is bust. The filling loop not working on these is a common problem. Are you saying you can't increase the pressure in the boiler by opening the filling tap? If so , the non return valve in the...
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    Hive Help!

    My OCD is going of the scale. Why is the hive receiver in a random place in the middle of the wall. I know it makes no difference to how it works but c'mon. :confused:
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    Hive installation - Worcester 38CDi - current Salus

    No, you need 5. Live, Neutral, Earth, . Also a wire from 1 on the hive receiver to LS in the boiler and a wire from 3 on the receiver to LR on the boiler.
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    Hive installation - Worcester 38CDi - current Salus

    There isn't an hive receiver that fits directly into your boiler facia. You will have to leave the salus receiver disconnected and wire the hive in via the boiler terminal block. Follow the instructions in the manual (section 4.8,8 )...
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    Hive Installation Baxi Combi Boiler

    Yes. Receiver at the side of the boiler. Short length of 5 core, job done.
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    Hive Installation Baxi Combi Boiler

    1&3. Also I use 5 core cable and take everything from the boiler terminal block. Much neater.
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    Help removing speedfit end cap

    I would cut it off with an hacksaw or undo the nut on the flexi and knock the pipe through and start again with a new olive.
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    Intermittent Heating

    Sounds like it.
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    Hive 2 Wiring Vailant EcoTec Plus 831

    The Heating ON needs to go in the right hand side off the purple connector (closest to the live wire ). The link is correct. (just use a small piece of wire to link common and Live).
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    Hive 2 Wiring Vailant EcoTec Plus 831

    Put a link between the live and the common on the Hive receiver back plate. The heating ON goes in the purple connector next to the mains connection in the boiler. (i think it says RT). Hope that helps.
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    Can you please help me fix my boiler That will fix it