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    Paint bubbling/blistering

    Have you been using sugar soap, and left some residue behind? The fact when you pick at the bubbles it reveals bare plaster COULD mean the bare plaster was never mistcoated in the beginning, OR it may mean whatever you have applied is 'reactivating' the old paint and softening it. I have...
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    Colour standard for 2 way switch

    I'm reliably informed twin brown and earth exists.
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    Colour standard for 2 way switch

    Neutrals in an old colour system, I would hope.
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    Extending fused spur with socket for new dishwasher

    You wouldn't want the fused spur unit to remain behind the dishwasher. If it did blow, it would be an inconvenience. So best to join the cables with 15 or 30 amp connectors (or better still maintenance free connectors of the correct size) and fit a blanking plate. If the back box is metal...
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    Rigid cables pushing downlighs down

    I'd be surprised if it made any difference. Are you certain replacing the cable will help?
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    Is this a simple install?

    It SHOULD be relatively simple. HOWEVER, the new fitting is so badly designed that to get the wires from the ceiling into that silly connector box - you or anyone would struggle to do it CORRECTLY AS INTENDED. You did ask...!
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    Painting Standards for Commercial buildings

    You could include on the list that once new bare wood has been primed, raised grain will show and need to be sanded. Also filler to be primed with diluted emulsion or similar. And on the new woodwork, knots to be suitably treated.
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    Neighbour's Electrics

    I see you have a CCTV sticker. I'm not sure it was a good idea to photograph your neighbour's property. Are you The Neighbour from Hell?
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    EICR Cost

    If you can block out the contractors personal details, try and send the report - we can tell you if it's been filled out correctly.
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    Is this too much for a rewire? North East England

    As far as I can tell, you don't mention if it's the same person quoting for the current rewire who did the rewire at your old property three years ago. You appear to be getting a lot for your money. Anyone doing all that for such a low price is either 1) A very very nice man. 2) Someone who...
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    Wiring a light

    Near the connector block, can you slide a fraction of the black sleeving back to reveal brown or blue insulation?
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    how best to split 45 amp 3 ways?

    The car cannot move, there is a boulder in its way. The car cannot move, there is a boulder in John's way. This sort of sentence made me think an apostrophe should have been used in the first sentence - until today. :) :)
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    Light switch position

    L. The only reason you would consider H would be if there was another door or walkway on the lefthand side.
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    how best to split 45 amp 3 ways?

    So I see - just had a lesson on Google. Never knew that. You learn something everyday.
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    how best to split 45 amp 3 ways?

    It should be it's - not its. (I think. Hang on...)
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    how best to split 45 amp 3 ways?

    Exactly. It will be fine. A regular 32 amp kitchen ring will support a 13 amp hob, 13 amp oven, 13 amp washing machine - and a lot more than that such as microwave, kettle, dishwasher, etc, etc.
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    Two immersion heaters with switched FCUs got very hot

    Not sure why he said that, though most immersion circuits have a 15 or 16 amp protective device. Even though these things are only 3kW, they always seem to turn a 13 amp FCU to toast - so I can see why JohnD is encouraging the 16 amp stuff, and 20 amp double pole switches. Another point is...
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    How to clean matt white ceiling?

    Are you going to repaint the whole ceiling?
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    Questions about swa cable and outdoor electrics

    If it's two core SWA, the armour provides the earth, so the armour has to be connected to earth at the origin, and maintained at all junction boxes throughout the circuit. You cannot use ordinary plastic glands on SWA because you need to earth the armour. In fact, in your case, the armour is...
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    Bathroom floor paint that is durable and at least water resistant

    Presumably you want something with a non-slip property to it?