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    Is this too much for a rewire? North East England

    I must admit those prices sound exceptionally cheap. I had my last house rewired around 7 years ago in Yorkshire - that was a 2-bed semi, vacant at the time so no furniture or contents, no floor coverings, and no making good whatsoever, not even patching over the cable chases as the whole house...
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    Flex Sizes for Extension Lead

    I've made up a fair few extension leads in the past and have always understood the following capacities for 3 core PVC flex: 0.50mm - 3A 0.75mm - 6A 1.00mm - 10A 1.25mm - 13A 1.50mm - 16A So for any 13A extension I've used 1.25mm or sometimes 1.50mm where the extension is particularly long. I...
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    3 pin plug to socket

    Wouldn't it be better to use 1.25mm cable fused at 13A? It strikes me that it'll only be a mater of time before someone uses one of these sockets for a hairdryer.
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    Solar hybrid advice

    There are some really knowledgeable folk on the "Green & ethical MoneySaving" forum over on MoneySavingExpert.
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    Block Paving Driveway - Front Garden

    Why are they saying diggers aren't allowed on residential roads? I've never heard this before and actually had my own front lawn dug up (with a digger) in order to have a drive laid.
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    mitres joins to ridge and hips

    He didn't say he was intending to do anything on any roof of any specified pitch. He simply asked a question as to why a plastic apex cap wouldn't / shouldn't be used in place of the approach taken on the OP's roof. I'd also be interested to know this, having had a similar job done on my...
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    Shower / Bath Screen Thickness

    I'm looking to replace an existing bath screen which is 1450 x 750mm. I'm looking to replace with one 1450 high to cover up existing marks on the wall, most replacements appear to be 1400 or 1435. Ideally I'd like to go an inch or two wider if possible. The most suitable I've found looks to be...
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    Strimmer that uses blades?

    There are various options depending whether you want mains, battery or petrol, and of course your budget. I used to have a relatively cheap MacAllister (B&Qs own brand) 18V strimmer that took plastic blades instead of nylon line. They do save the frustration of snapped line all the time however...
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    Need help with massive error drilling hole for soil pipe

    I would also do this. You'll need to give the new brickwork time to dry before core drliling again but I think it would get the best finish.
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    Replacing radiator - pipework not aligning

    I've found similar when replacing radiators - modern radiators seem to fit much closer to the wall than older ones and as a result the pipework is too far out. As a starting point, the wall brackets can usually be mounted two ways round - if you look at the bracket from the top you will see one...
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    Brush Cutter Blades

    I'm intending to buy a Stihl FS 55 R Brush Cutter. I have an area of land which gets hugely overgrown with weeds, nettles, etc. and needs clearing a couple of times a year. I have a battery strimmer which I use for general garden maintenance however this isn't up to the job and I spend longer...
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    Removing Flue in Loft

    Not sure if this belongs in Building, Plumbing or Roofing so apologies if this is the wrong place! My house has a cavity flue running from the ground floor up into the loft, with this kind of arrangement in the loft. The gas fire downstairs was removed and plasterboarded over years ago before I...
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    Marley Mendip or Sandtoft Double Pantile

    Why the Redland over the Marley or Sandtoft?
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    Marley Mendip or Sandtoft Double Pantile

    I need to replace a roof on a garden outbuilding which is in need of some work. I'm planning to fit a double pantile to match the house. Is there anything to choose between the Marley Mendip and the Sandtoft Double Pantile, or are they much of a muchness?
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    Washing Machine + Outside Gully

    My washing machine lives in the garage and the waste discharges to an outside gully. The pipe from the washing machine sits inside the gully but is a fair distance above the water level. The pipework is fairly untidy and is leaking on some of the joints so I'm planning to replace it all. Given...
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    Plumbing for Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

    Nope. All they say is what's on the attached. They don't even suggest buying Hotpoints genuine extension hose, or tell you what size it is, but instead say "it is possible to buy and connect a tube of the same diameter and the necessary length"!
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    Plumbing for Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

    I have a Hotpoint heat pump tumble dryer. This currently drains into the internal bottle however I'm hoping to plumb it in for convenience. I've already bought the genuine extension hose from Hotpoint which is 1.5m long: My...
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    Dry Ridge Systems

    I have a brick outbuilding, essentially a glorified garden shed, and I'm in the process of stripping down and relaying the roof. The fascias were partially rotten and the gutter was broken, the underfelt was rotten in places and there were some loose ridge tiles so I decided to strip off the lot...
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    Waste Pipe (40mm) Through External Wall

    Haha, I already have some banana shaped waste pipes on my house which I intend to sort out at some point. Your solution looks nice and neat and means I can stick with push-fit which would be preferable I think. I've just had a look on eBay and you can get nylon spacers in pretty much any...