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    Engine Oil Syphon

    I'm considering buying a syphon so that I can remove my car engine oil via the dipstick. I would welcome views from folk on here who have used such an oil syphon tool and what the pros and cons are. I don't want views from resident 'experts' who haven't got this kit or have never used one or...
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    Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel Conundrum.

    The link is up my dogs bottom. You are more than welcome to push your tongue in there to search for it. It might cost you a bonio though. He doesn't give out such favours for nothing.
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    Eurocarparts Website Smoke and Mirrors Advertising

    There's no point in replying to any of Mountains posts he's so argumentative. Mountain presently looking at himself in his shaving mirror repeatedly saying 'how right I am...'
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    Eurocarparts Website Smoke and Mirrors Advertising

    Good point Festive I've noticed that CarParts4Less website is identical to Eurocarparts website apart from the colour scheme and prices. Slightly more expensive than Eurocarparts but with the same continuous sale offers with discount codes to input in the checkout basket. I generally go for...
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    Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel Conundrum.

    Yes the flywheel is an expensive part. It is made of titanium. Machining what is a 8 - 10 inch cog out of a block of titanium takes some serious tooling. I have a Focus 1.6tdci (actually a Peugeot 1.6HDMI diesel engine) and the mechanic advised me to change the dual mass flywheel with the...
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    Eurocarparts Website Smoke and Mirrors Advertising

    I've just been on Eurocarparts website looking for a pair of front brake discs. £36.84 for Brembo discs what a bargain I thought. Until I double checked by phoning Eurocarparts and speaking to an employee. This is the price per disc. Who in their right minds sells brake discs individually? The...
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    Kyle Rittenhouse?

    Count how many times the people interviewed say 'like'.
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    Private Number Plates

    Not a private plate but a friend of my ex-wife who wasn't renowned for her intellect bought a Mini and had the number 69 stuck on two feet high on each door (presumably going for the rally car was her birth year). And she wondered why blokes were pipping at her and cheering when she...
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    Best Skirting Board Cleaner

    The GTech hand held vacuum cleaner isn't a bad tool at all. Fairly lightweight and great for quick jobs. We inherited one along with the GTech 'Bissell' type floor vacuum cleaner one sees on the GTech adverts from my wifes mothers estate. The latter was a rather poor tool which we got rid of.
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    Ryobi Cordless Pressure Washer Review

    The purpose of this review is to warn other would-be buyers who might do a Google search on the subject. I bought a Ryobi RY18PW22A-0 18v cordless pressure washer this week. £110 for the bare tool without the battery or charger (I already have a couple of the One Plus 4Ah batteries and the...
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    Personalised registration plates

    Leyland engineering. If ever there was a brand that made drivers blood run cold.
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    Personalised registration plates

    It's about time Mitsubishi realised that their Pajero range actually means '*anker (rhymes with Barclays Banker) in Spanish
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    I used to run in the evenings regularly as a student in Birmingham in the 80's. I found it therapeutic and a good way of dealing with the stress of revising for my exams. I generally lived in the not so nice areas of Birmingham being a poor student. In one area that had a reputation for ladies...
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    Post the best photo you took today

    My living room lights
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    Workshop Build

    Then again if you keep records from your build i.e. rental paperwork for the digger, paperwork from materials suppliers etc., this form an evidence base to prove the date you built it. After four years, even if the workshop did need planning permission, but the local planning dept. didn't pick...
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    Workshop Build

    Re: the 'well hidden' bit this may be the case but if you ever decide to sell your house the surveyors working for potential buyers will probably want firm evidence that planning permission wasn't required for the workshop building. It might be a good idea to write to your local planning...
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    Repointing Victorian brickwork: are they using the right mortar?

    Lime mortar is often used to repoint stone walls. Stone weathers more than fired brick and the lime mortar weathers down with the stone. If someone has used cement mortar to repoint stone in a few years it is common to see the pointing standing proud of the stone (a few mm or more above the...
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    Name 3 toys ...

    Was it Dinky or Corgi made the American fire engine? Really long thing with a turntable and a plastic yellow ladder.
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    Name 3 toys ...

    Good point about well-played with toys. That was what they were designed for. I appreciate that collectors like unused and still boxed toys (never played with) but there's something nice about kids receiving such great toys and enjoying them.