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  1. festive

    What do you unfortunately have a lot of?

    Metal and Pattress boxes. Takeaway lids but no containers. Plug to IEC leads. Lengths of quality timber, steel, aluminum, pipe fittings, cable and more cable, i will use it all one day, no i won't, but what if i do? I'm such a hoarder.
  2. festive

    Tax cuts for the rich, hurrah!

    So this is all about a government daring to reduce Tax. They must be taught a lesson by the IMF etc.. BoE have the hump as they weren't consulted etc.
  3. festive

    American terrorism ?

    Great thread and one I was just talking about. Did Putin do it first in effect taking control in an attempt to stop them looking like the the loser here and instead attempts to make out he did it to punish the west.
  4. festive

    Trickle Down Economics Explained

    Id rather eat my own underpants than vote for Labour. The very statement 'tax the rich' makes my **** boil. Do we tax the person who gets out of bed and goes to work for a basic job more than the one that stays in bed and says fckit lets put the wife up the duff and claim more? If so why should...
  5. festive


    Whilst i wholly concur on your sentiments re these poor women and the world should take a stand against this oppression... We are ALL of colour, thats' a deliberate term used to convince people like you white people are some kind of colour that should be excluded in todays society. Detail a...
  6. festive

    Tax cuts for the rich, hurrah!

    I cannot fathom the idiocy loser sentiment that this is for the rich? Anyone would think the rich are freeloading entitled chancers who are making even more cash soon. As others have pointed out its a percentage. Who contributes more money the country? 40% of 200000 or 20% of 20000 If you...
  7. festive

    Can King Charles repair Johnson's Disunited Kingdom?

    I regretably have to agree with the trollster in some aspects here. Brexit for some people i know now is a pita in regards to moving around. The irony being there was a willing sacrifice over the immigration control, but then the same government have done fck all about them men in the dhingies...
  8. festive

    Rishi or Liz?

    On another note this morning i hear straight away 'today Liz will have her first clash with Kier in the commons later this morning' WTAF it's not the UFC ring ffs. Im waiting for a leader to say "no, we waste too much time with infighting. Kier isn't my opposition he carries some pertinent...
  9. festive

    Rishi or Liz?

    Indeed hooray an admission, least one admits it's about the colour. All we want is for people to admit their hypocrisy that's fine just don't deny the truth.
  10. festive

    Rishi or Liz?

    Such predictable prejudice :D I refer you to my previous post. However i think we both agree the whole party isn't fit for purpose, problem is neither is the other side.
  11. festive

    Rishi or Liz?

    Completely agree here as above when terms are used in jest with familiar people amongst friends and as you say when it's a red flag and clearly not ok. I find it abhorant in every form. What i dont agree with the term racist seemingly applicable to white british only. Everyone must be included...
  12. festive

    Rishi or Liz?

    Spot on. Even pointing out oh no he's a Brit actually i believe from X. Sounds perfectly reasonable. Or "Standing here i have with me 3 brits a yank and an Aussie." But if you went on to say "and three P'''is " you know a red flag would be waving in your head why? However playing devils...
  13. festive

    Rishi or Liz?

    Absolutely, next im guessing they will say google is bias or right wing. This is what i find frustrating with some people they have this strange twisted hypocrisy and feel its ok to bash certain groups but not others. Lets not bash any groups.
  14. festive

    Rishi or Liz?

    a) Self inflicted?? Red flag no1 lets read between the lines here, translates to - 'if you weren't such a ranting right wing racist you wouldn't inflict this derogatory term on yourself' b) please google or screen shot me a capture of Gammons. Take your time it's ok im sure youll find one...
  15. festive

    Rishi or Liz?

    :D Such a troll so pretends to avoid the contentious terms that Gammon is actually referring. Gammon is a pejorative popularised in British political culture since around 2012. The term refers in particular to the colour of a person's flushed face when expressing their strong opinions, as...
  16. festive

    China threatening

    Please they Aliens can you fly over here and vapourize our China/USA/Russian leaders and threaten to vaporize anymore that are A) Male B) suffer small genitalia insecurity syndrome C) All above. Absolute fking children do they not feel embarrassed calling **** soldiers in boats and tanks to...
  17. festive

    What haven't you bought today?

    Was about to buy a new sit on Kubota diesel mower but due to some emotional attachment with my current ive bought new differential gears to replace and repair the rear axle drive instead. And im not going to pay someone im doing it myself. So saved about 4.5k on mower and £500 on fees to repair...
  18. festive

    696 migrants, 14 boats

    We can actually change our immigration rules now we are brexitedtidid. We don't have to comply.
  19. festive

    696 migrants, 14 boats

    Utter shower of **** and it to think we're looking at Truss or Richy Rich as replacements for this shower o sh.. Saying that these chancers make policy but don't enforce it. Intrigued as to what's going on behind the scenes.
  20. festive

    Best way to catch a rat?

    I tried a rat trap and it caught a mouse instead, in the time it took me to go get surgical gloves and walk back to the trap, trap+dead mouse had been dragged into the hedge leaving nothing but the mouses crushed head the rest eaten i guess by the rat! A friend of mine shoots them, similar to...