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  1. J

    Pound at all time low? Well that was a lot of fuss about nothing...

    I'm expecting one well known member to brag about exchanging millions of dollars in pounds and now changing them again to make more millions...
  2. J

    The Lesser Known but Largest Source of Immigration

    Apart from Albert Einstein, who the feck are all the others??? Media students???
  3. J

    Colour standard for 2 way switch

    Yes, I've seen this myself, without any sleeves. Easy to see in a ceiling rose though, but still, I wouldn't do this and I'm not an electrician.
  4. J

    Colour standard for 2 way switch

    I suppose that anyone looking for a permanent live would use a multimeter rather than rely on colours :p Or maybe not...
  5. J

    What do you unfortunately have a lot of?

    Wood! Not that wood! I mean wood to be recycled, plywood, treated wood, softwood, hardwood, joists, rafters, skirting, architraves, bits and pieces leftover, even some nice wood floor planks. However, I tempt to use a lot from this pile when doing anything. I even built a 3 metre canopy out...
  6. J

    Colour standard for 2 way switch

    Out of curiosity. Recently I have opened quite a few 2 way switches and never found the same setup colour wise. Some have Brown-Common, Grey-L1 and Black-L2. Others Black-Common, Brown-L1 and Grey L2. And any other possible combination. I suppose that as long as Black and Grey are sleeved in...
  7. J

    Brass olives leaking should I overtighten?

    Sorry i forgot about the 3 neurons not communicating. I should've added "once the job is completed, so no need to dismantle the fittings". My sincere apologies.
  8. J

    Brass olives leaking should I overtighten?

    I never put anything on the olive and never had a leak. I use brass olives, finger tight plus 1/2 turn. Sometimes I have to tighten a little more.
  9. J

    Damp prevention when small gap between buildings

    Get your house insurance involved. There's so much wrong to this it's shocking.
  10. J

    Is this too much for a rewire? North East England

    Electricians work for free in the north east??? I got 3 quotes to rewire my house, all plaster had been stripped and plasterboard from ceilings removed, so no access problem. Total of 15 double sockets and 12 switches. 2 fan isolator plates as wiring was new on them. All in wickes slimline. I...
  11. J

    Drain cock

    Ok, thanks. 2 more questions please. 1. Do I use ptfe tape or ptfe liquid on the thread? What's the best way? 2. I know that type A drain cocks are better, but what's your favourite brand? Do they do a full bore? Thanks
  12. J

    Drain cock

    Ok, thanks. One more question if I may. As the system is all in hep2o, can I use this...
  13. J

    Drain cock

    Ok. So I just need a standard one to connect with a compression coupler. Just wondering: these will go on the lowest point of my central heating system next time I drain it. Would you use full bore service valves (or other kind of valve?) instead with a short piece of copper pipe where to...
  14. J

    Drain cock

    Hi, quick one. Can this drain cock be directly connected to a 15mm copper pipe with nut and olive on the thread? To be clear: can I insert a 15mm pipe at the bottom and use a nut and olive to make a compression joint? Thanks...
  15. J

    Radiator Recommendations?

    I was going for stelrad designer radiators, but the price of them was mad. Under someone's suggestion I went for NRG radiators. A third of the price, same design and they work perfectly. They get hot all over very quickly and when you turn the central heating off, they stay warm for a long...
  16. J

    Another driving moan thread ...

    A flash of the rear fog lights make them back up. When the idiots finally grow some balls and overtake, right foot down and leave them there. Of course, depending on your car and driving skills.
  17. J

    Sentenced To Death

    [email protected]! That never happened, I'm a para and I was there. (Not really, I'm just trying to make up bigger [email protected] than you)
  18. J

    Was a cash buyer for a house 8 years ao. possibly missing building reg for removed chimney breast. Will it make it impossible to sell?

    Indemnity insurance is an option, very common in house sales. Better than selling at auction if you ask me.
  19. J

    Shifted bricks on one corner of our house. What does this mean?

    You're overthinking this. Don't worry about it.