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    And drugged up driver
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    Village of Dementia?

    I found out at the Weekend that someone who worked for me when I lived in London has dementia. He is only 54 and apparently it is quite bad.
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    Is my Elderly Neighbour getting ripped off?

    Legit companies do not target the elderly and break the law. Complain to the local Police station otherwise that Police officer will make the same mistake again.
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    Is my Elderly Neighbour getting ripped off?

    As for the price. It is at least twice what it would cost here.
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    Is my Elderly Neighbour getting ripped off?

    They have broken the law then. Get straight onto trading standards and the Police. Tell the Police that your elderly neighbour has fallen victim to a bunch of con artists that are scamming him out of a large sum of money. Tell the company to remove their scaffold immediately or you will begin...
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    Is my Elderly Neighbour getting ripped off?

    They have a 14 day cooling off period in which to cancel regardless of the cost of any work the company says needs doing.
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    Widespread violence in west midlands

    Everything about you is fake Himmy.
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    What have you been doing today?

    She looks to be thinking "haven't you seen the news? That waters full of 5hit"
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    neighbours noisy plumbing

    A few years back a man living next door to mum had a problem with the noise coming from the plumbing in my mums flat. it was constant and driving him mad he said. I drove to my mums to see if I could find the cause of this noise. I couldn't find anything wrong or hear any noise until the bloke...
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    Boiler quote

    It would help if you said when you had the work done and where you are in the country.
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    87 year old stabbed to death?!?

    Why do you have to persist with your point scoring 5hit. This thread was about an 87 year old man being stabbed to death while sat on his mobility scooter. ****s.
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    Are these asbestos?

    Its this stuff
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    Rhine drying up

    Cheer up you miserable ****
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    Gobby dog

    They are one of the worst breeds for biting children.
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    Solar Panel failure

    There is an electricians forum that has a PV section where you might find someone in your area. You would have to find in via google.
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    Solar Panel failure

    Solaredge did have their own service engineer some years back but I don't know if they have them now.
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    Solar Panel failure

    You will need an experienced installer to get up on the roof to test the panel and the optomiser. I have had a few optomisers fail. Cables chewed by squirrels but not a single panel go down.
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    Solar Panel failure

    It is more likely the solaredge optimiser under the panel that has failed. I doubt very much that it's the panel.
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    Shortage at my Sainsbury's!

    It makes me wonder how we ended up 2 trillion pounds in debt while a member of the EU.
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    women drivers

    You must go around with your eyes shut. There are plenty of women driving hgv's, coaches, taxi's and doing super market deliveries.