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  1. Terry lambert

    Underfloor Heating

    I’m away for a few weeks. @Bentley001 is a very good engineer and on your door step, no heat is good although a little pricey Go plumbers West Byfleet- Bentley Morgan
  2. Terry lambert

    Hi Tim, can you add your engineers names to the list, here are details on the thread of where...

    Hi Tim, can you add your engineers names to the list, here are details on the thread of where we are staying and event details. Difficult for me to post at the moment as I’m having to do it all from my phone and it’s naff
  3. Terry lambert

    Electric shower isolation

    I’m not an electrician so made the right call in getting it checked. They also want the shower replaced like for like but existing may not have been to current regs, correct cable etc
  4. Terry lambert

    Electric shower isolation

    Hi fellas I’ve told a customer to get an electrician in ad there electric shower needs local isolation as in a pull cord etc in or just outside of bathroom Am electrician has been and said that the RCD installed by the consumer unit is all that is required. Is this right ? Many thanks
  5. Terry lambert

    Baxi Combi 100 not firing from cold.

    You shouldn’t be in the combustion chamber or messing with the boiler at all
  6. Terry lambert

    Cenral heating boiler -- SERVICE. Should cleaning be included?

    If you look in your manual under servicing it will give a detailed list of instructions for servicing and what is required when
  7. Terry lambert

    Boiler / Tank Issue

    No it wouldn’t You need to turn your heating off and call an engineer
  8. Terry lambert

    Installation of Nest 3rd Generation (Vaillant ecoTec Pro 28)

    There I should a big difference between offering DIY help and in depth step by step instructions to work on heating and electrical work thatvshould be carried out by a proffessional I admire your commitment to helping people but you have sleep walked into a grey area and should maybe have a...
  9. Terry lambert

    Query about boiler servicing

    I would say yes, what boilers and how much were you charged ?
  10. Terry lambert

    Heating leaking

    My initial statements were to get you to think about it, I’ll have a read again later
  11. Terry lambert

    Heating leaking

    You open a drain point and drain water to drop the pressure As I said I’m busy fixing boilers and havnt the time to go through this
  12. Terry lambert

    Heating leaking

    If your vessel has too much charge it will be full of air and therefore as soon as you lose any water the pressure will drop to whatever the height of your system is and the top rads will become dry. Just one if the points I was trying to make above is that if your system loses water it will...
  13. Terry lambert

    Heating leaking

    Also heating systems
  14. Terry lambert

    Heating leaking

    John, there too much wrong with the statements I havnt got the energy, I’ve got to go and fix some boilers. Sorry I commented you’ll have to do some research and thinking about expansion vessels
  15. Terry lambert

    Heating leaking

    So if my system loses water and my expansion vessel is correct, my system will maintain a higher pressure than the head of my system ?
  16. Terry lambert

    Hive wiring for a logic 30 Combi

    There is a lot of very detailed step by step help being given in the forum to carry out work on appliances and systems that people shouldn’t be messing with. There is a big difference between helping a DIYer with advice and teaching them to carry out works via a forum that could potential cause...
  17. Terry lambert

    Heating leaking

    If my vessel is correctly charged and I lose system pressure, will my top rads become dry ?
  18. Terry lambert

    Heating leaking

    The hello valve is interfering with the please actuator which has obviously cancelled out your thanks causing a drop in enthusiasm pressure to help
  19. Terry lambert

    CH pump sizing

    I would most definitely be trying a bigger pump, check for pumping over etc in your F & E after fitting it, it sounds from your description of your system that this boiler is massively oversized I couldn’t find a manual
  20. Terry lambert

    Thoughts on Worcester CDi Compact vs CDi Classic

    :mrgreen::mrgreen: Well he’s the leader, then he has his sycophants :mrgreen:;)