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    Solar install with two consumer units

    I think you said panels to inverter rather than inverter to CU? Sunray is a pro and I'm not but I would have expected a proprietary DC rated cable to be used not T&E. Something like this...
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    Metal Garden Gate & Post - correct screws to use

    Then how are the self tappers holding?
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    'Gloss' (indoor wood paint) with the least odour?

    I would sand with 120 grit and apply this stuff:
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    Metal Garden Gate & Post - correct screws to use

    I think I would tap the existing holes in the post to a suitable size (M6 or M8) and then use machine screws to fix the gate.
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    'Gloss' (indoor wood paint) with the least odour?

    Anything water based has much less odour. Dulux Diamond Quick Drying gloss or satinwood are widely used. Gloss is unusual nowadays on trim, satinwood is the standard.
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    Do I really need an Architect

    Building regs: Online SE: But you're still going to need a design otherwise how will the SE know what to design to, how will the bricky know where to put the openings and what height the wall plate...
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    Reckon I can fit 20 yard skips-worth of waste in 6 van loads?

    @JobAndKnock gave you the answer early in the thread. Ask your mate what the payload of the van is. Say the van can take 2 tonne then that's 2 cubic yards per van trip so ten trips. The payload is stamped on the data plate in the van. Edit: I've had a look and max payload on a transit 350 is...
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    3M led tape without channel

    Yes stick it straight to the cabinets. If you buy the waterproof one it has clear insulation over the strip to waterproof it, which will also make it more resistant to toasters, cooking steam etc.
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    How to form a piece of stainless steel for boat?

    How big would the biggest gap be between the plate and existing? You could use a flat plate and make up the gap using epoxy or resin.
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    Anti roll bar linkage ball joint has slight play both rear (3,4,5) (a) (I)

    I think he was saying it's too cheap, not complaining about the price! I think an independent garage would charge about £50 per labour hour including overheads so that leaves £50 for parts.
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    Wiring in a 13A induction hob

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    Sourcing Appropriate Fencing Nails
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    You might be able to get just a replacement sealed unit?
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    How to cut stainless steel angle

    My Evo Rage saw goes through 304 angle and bar no problem without lubricant or cooling. Something is wrong. Like Anush says, check the blade isn't backwards? The teeth should push the work into the back of the saw.
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    Is it possible to add a hot water cylinder with immersion heater to a combi boiler

    Hi @51m0n in simple terms yes this is possible and not unusual. Basically you stop using the hot water outlet on the combi and use the boiler as a system boiler. You then connect the heating output to the heating and tank via diverter valves and fit appropriate controls. It's beyond DIY for...
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    Warped shiplap cladding

    Hi, yes, appears to be shrinkage. The widest gap is 10mm plus the 8mm of the tongue. The panels are nailed, I think with a Paslode or similar. Is removing and refitting the only option?
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    Warped shiplap cladding

    Hi All What would you do with this warped piece of shiplap? Ideally something that doesn't prevent me painting over (so silicone is out). The gap is up to 10mm. Is it just crap timber or could there be another cause? Thanks
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    Shower trap

    Can anyone help with this shower trap? I think it's McAlpine from the late 1990s. The trap doesn't seem to use the normal arrangement that I'm familiar with, where a rubber seal underneath is compressed by a flange on the top of the tray. There was a chromed trim ring siliconed on (now lost)...
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    What's eating my shed?

    All the evidence is at ground level. The timber seems dry. There is no celotex only loft roll. No exit holes. Not rat droppings (those are much larger). These are smaller than grains of rice so mice seems a possibility but no signs of gnawing either. The floor is covered in rubber tiles so I...
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    What's eating my shed?

    I've got several patches of this sawdust mixed with black bits in my shed. Any idea what it is, and is it causing damage? I have one area with about a litre of this stuff so if they're eating the wood then I'm doomed! The shed is new (four years old) and treated timber on a concrete base if...