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    Decking complaint (threads merged)

    It really now is less about planning and more about the housing association. They might have stipulations about not constructing things without getting consent off them first. You can certainly "stand your ground" in terms of planning, but as per my previous reply you need to sort out the...
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    Decking complaint (threads merged)

    The letter is sort of proof it's OK from a planning perspective - why would the planning department pass it on to another department if it needed planning - surely they would sort it. I think they are just trying to get you to remove it with pressure from elsewhere. I think I would advise the...
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    Planning permission for detached garage applied for,can I start building as Ihave PD rights already?

    I would advise against raising ground height .8m.. it should be built from the original land height to be granted Permitted Development (this stops people raising ground 20 foot high and then constructing buildings within the 2.5m height restrictions)
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    Garden Decking Height

    @Luke1988 you'd probably be OK to build it under PD there I reckon. If it is "original ground" I guess it can be made up of big rocks and other things, that's not unreasonable. You're only issue may be if it is raised by someone, it's pretty difficult to prove that a rock in the ground is the...
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    Extending a Garage forward. Lawful Development Certificate?

    It could well be permitted development if the garage is not original to the main house. It would be classed as a side extension to the house still, rather than a front extension if it runs flush with the front of the house. It would still also need to meet the other requirements for single...
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    Confused if loft conversion comes under permitted development

    Definitely check on the ridge height. I assume that you've just missed the front door, windows etc off the drawing, as I would not say that's the principal elevation even if it faces a road there. I would also suggest that as your house appears to be in a rural location (with rolling hills...
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    Garden Decking Height

    It would require consent. As it's over the 2m height, if you built it off the deck itself you could either argue the "deck" as a building as a whole is over 300mm - or that it isn't something minor to facilitate the deck, like a handrail and then measure it from the original ground level again...
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    Garden Decking Height

    Sounds like it's permitted. It doesn't matter how many slopes you have on decking or how the ground lies. If the highest part of the ground the decking is built off is no greater than 300mm to the top of the decking at that point, the whole deck is acceptable (subject to the 50% of the garden...
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    fences gates planning

    Looks to me like it wouldn't get planning permission. I'd say this is helpful to an extent. Giving you a free opinion of the likelyhood of it gaining planning approval in its current state and giving you advice as to where to get further information. It's you with the development that requires...
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    planning required for lean to workshop attached to detached garage?

    It's likely if you had to have planning for it originally (not going into the reason's why), generally, you'll have to have planning if you extend or alter it. Also if that new red section you're proposing goes within 2m of the boundary (and your attached to the previous garage) you'll need...
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    planning required for lean to workshop attached to detached garage?

    That's literally what I said in the post you quoted "I think the standard PD rules for outbuildings apply" As I said, it doesn't matter what you attach to it or extend / add on to it, the whole thing is an outbuilding regardless of how it's joined or segregated and judged against the PD regs...
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    planning required for lean to workshop attached to detached garage?

    Looks to me as it to the side of the property, not forward of it from the drawing - also the O.P. said its to the side. I doubt it makes a difference in this case. I think the standard PD rules for outbuildings apply - it doesnt matter if you attach another outbuilding on, then another then...
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    Planning permission needed for driveway and lowering front lawn?

    Just a couple of points following on from what Old has said, just from a planning perspective. If the area isn't permeable or adequately drained, you'll need planning permission for the resurfacing / regarding of the driveway. Sloped is better IMO - if your digging out a lot of ground (a "lot"...
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    Building house at end of garden - corner plot

    You need to check your Local Authorities Local Policy on House Building and such new development. I don't really like the plot you've highlighted. Bares no real resemblance to any of the plots in the area and looks like it would be way forward of the house to the right that's cut off. General...
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    Lawful Development Certificate, How long is valid for.

    There isn't a length that an LDC is valid for. It is just a document that says at the time it is granted, the development is lawful. With a loft conversion (assuming you have a rear dormer or something similar too) I don't think there's been any real national policy change in permitted...
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    Hard standing drainage regulations

    ? The materials are to be porous / permeable... Relatively self explanatory. It doesn't matter how dry the ground is if you whack 2 inches of tarmac on top of it.
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    Hard standing drainage regulations

    Planning Permission is required for new driveways over 5sqm (pretty much every driveway) if the materials aren't porous / permeable. E.G. if your just laying tarmac all over your drive and it runs to the road, you will require planning permission. It's a bit of a farce as I guess it's unlikely...
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    Restore an outbuilding and join to 2 storey extension

    There's a lot to consider here, and we're going to assume that there's no Historic or Heritage elements (listings, conservation areas etc.) effecting the property, land, or adjacent land? I think the overall mass of the extension (including your existing extensions) may be an issue when put...
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    Permitted Development Beyond Approved Conservatory Footprint?

    4m for a detached property, 3m on other types of property except flats. Unless you look at the neighbourhood consultation process for up to double those restrictions.
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    Corner plot dormer bunglaow

    If it is original then yes it would be a rear extension. In either case it doesn't matter too much. The whole crux of this, is the proposed extension extends of the side wall of the main house (where the highest red arrow is pointing towards on the first photo) so therefore the proposed...