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    To re-establish the air bubble you have to drain the heating, and the cylinder, the cylinder should have its own drain cock, the only other thing I can think is that he as reversed the circulation when he replaced the pump, but it will never work as it should until its been drained down correctly,
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    Noisy tall monobloc tap

    ..... without more info even then you may struggle to get a response, How can a tap that is isolated from the supply make a noise ???
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    Mira 8 mixer shower - no hot water flow

    Not getting anywhere fast with this problem are you. Maybe its because your post is missing vital information. like when was the last time, if it ever worked OK?. Is it a High or Low pressure mixer?
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    Neatest Way to Fit This Toilet

    What makes you think its bottom entry?
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    Soil & Vent Pipe Connections

    The Bath waste will be lower than the WC. If its an HO outlet,
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    Connecting to Lead underground mains water pipe...*Updated*

    ABS. Threaded high pressure plastic, is my guess.
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    Thermostatic shower, toilet flush gets hot?

    I got the wrong end of the stick.
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    Pipe clips for existing pipe
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    Small Amount of Mud in Water - no help from British Gas

    Are you on a water meter ? If not then leave your tap running until its clear
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    Remove plastic panel at bottom of shower enclosure

    Its hehind the skirting on the left remove that first, is it behind the tiles on the right? rake out the grout, get a sharp knife down the top edge to cut through silicone. If you tried to remove that with hammer and chisel then you did not put anywhere near enough energy into it...
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    Shower brackets, can someone point me in the right direction

    It looks like its adjustable to me, you will need an allan key.
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    leaking bypass valve adjusting screw

    Have a read of this post last comment
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    leaking bypass valve adjusting screw

    Most people who repair boilers for a living these days are not engineers by a long mile, they are parts changers. Like sound engineers would change microphones or leads for new a Television engineer would repair circuit boards to component level
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    central heating system

    Why did you Just change the pump?
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    No hot water in the morning

    Your post is lacking so much info, I guess that's why you have had no response so far. Do you work 7 days a week? if not then why dont you time how long it takes to get up to the set temp, on your day off? when did it last work ok? What as changed? what runs off the combi? what runs of...
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    Tightening kitchen tap

    We all grow longer arms.
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    Condensing combi - no hot water from upstairs tap

    To make a comparison between different taps, you need to have them set at the same flow rate.
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    Waste trap with a hole, how?

    Where does the cellar man dispose of the line cleaner, After he does the lines. It is corrosive,
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    Thread type on central heating element.

    That link you posted has a female thread if you want a male thread, they are readily available, as blanking plugs, from plumbers merchants