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    Baxi boilder pressure drop and then returns to normal?

    Noise will be the inlet cartridge if I was to put money on it , very common with this model
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    Greenstar 25SI replacement?

    Having it serviced or not doesn't change anything .
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    Greenstar 25SI replacement?

    Why not pay worcester for one off repair ?
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    Don’t recognise this gas connector behind oven?

    It's a blank off so you will need a gas safe guy in to connect up onto that pipe ..... if its a live gas pipe that is
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    Baxi Problems

    Skip it and get a different brand (y)
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    Automated coffee machine delonghi esam6900 error

    I was wondering about the pump . It seems to produce hot water just fails on the coffee part . I've had this machine apart today . I'm just going to send it off to delonghi
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    Automated coffee machine delonghi esam6900 error

    I've had a browse already and can't find one linking to the same problem I have
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    Automated coffee machine delonghi esam6900 error

    Any repair guys in here ? I have a delonghi prima donna exclusive ( esam6900 ) keep getting an error of either , ground too fine . Or the water circuit is empty . Any ideas ?
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    Megaflow issues

    Look on the megaflow there will be a 5 step guide on how to replenish the air gap . This will more than likely solve the problem you have in regards to dripping water .. as for the other problems get rid of British gas and get a recommended local qualified engineer to look
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    New combi requires gas rate increase?

    Stick with worcester , or even repair your existing one . More than likely right hand block or flow turbine adaptor . Both are easy jobs (y)
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    Noisy boiler

    This will be a circulation problem . And more than likely the main hex blocking up .
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    Glow worm 30 CXI F5 fault **Solved**

    Why did you throw so much money on a [email protected] boiler ?
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    Worcester 37CDi Primary Hex Failure?

    Put case back on . Turn boiler off and call a gas safe registered company (y). I've seen this plenty of times and wb will know what to do
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    Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life problems....Or are they???

    If option 2 fails try option 1 that will take you to gas registered tech but if you explain you are a home owner and cannot reach through they may help you
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    Trianco TRG80 - fire keeps dying

    The rads that heat up . As by doing this you will force the flow more toward the hot water circuit
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    Trianco TRG80 - fire keeps dying

    The top one aught to be hot and the bottom one recirculates so should still be hot . You could try turning off all rads for a short period of time once bottom pipe starts to warm then open rads back up
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    Trianco TRG80 - fire keeps dying

    Yes it would be . Sounds like it's not circulating through that coil . You could turn off the leak rad and see if that will push it through
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    Trianco TRG80 - fire keeps dying

    When it's heating the water hold the top pipe of the coil and see how hot it gets if it doesn't get very hot I would gently crack the nut where the pipe goes onto the cylinder first if this is a very old cylinder be careful. Any air will release from there . When water starts to come out then...