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    immersion fault

    Hello All, Immersion heater tripping the main switch RCD. All fixed wiring checked and confirmed sound. Immersion Flex sound. Thermostat sound. Connected immersion without earth, still tripped. Next action as above, with earthing conductor and main bonding disconnected, still tripped...
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    Wacking Block Paving

    Hello All, I am getting my block paving done this week, the guy doing it says you wack the hardcore underneath. but you dont wack the bricks. I will have quite a heavy van parked on them when finished. Some people i speak to say, you have to wack the bricks, any comments please?
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    kennel heating

    hello, i am thinking of installing one of these in my dogs kennel, does anybody have any alternative suggestions, or indeed another reccommendation entirely?
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    The blame culture

    It really always is somebody elses fault....check out no5
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    Other local area codes

    Fellas, Has anybody signed up for this, its apparantly a ghost line that diverts to your mobile. You can pick whatever local dialing code you want, it seems like not a bad idea to me, anybody got any experience of it?
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    Would you or do you do this?

    The contractors who do a lot of the work for my local council have a pricework list.... kitchen ringmain with cooker circuit (steel conduit) as boss does not want cooker on RCDs....£150 Change the consumer unit, apparantly a P.I.R has already been done on property...£35 Change a...
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    Concreting floor

    Hello All, I am concreting my garage floor tomorrow to be level with house, about 6 to 8 inches depth. Got all the gear ready to go. Just wandering, i have a load of house bricks in the back, will it be ok to lay these bricks on the floor and just pour right over them?
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    Main Bonding Leaflet

    fellas, Im looking for an explanation of main bonding. I am looking for preferably or something similar to the NICEIC version that was on their website maybe last year, just a couple of pages, it did the job. The ESC 6 page version is not very suitable, now i am no wizz on converting...
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    BT Broadband got very slow

    Hello All, About 4 days ago my 2meg broadband just crashed down to 128Kb.#I rang customer services before (India), and they did a few tests, could not find out what it was, anybody any ideas? thanks
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    RCD problems with old appliances

    Fellas, when you are changing a fusebox do you inform the customer before work begins about the potential problems of their appliances in relation to the RCDs, or do you just wing and a prayer it? example. a 3 bedroom house with 1 socket circuit supplying everything. all appliances are...
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    honeywell course

    Anybody done the 1 day honeywell heating course? is it any good? and is that all they charge, £30?
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    veritas r8 bellbox

    hello all, just finished installing my alarm. 3 P.I.Rs and 2 bell boxes. 1 of the bellboxes strobe light will not stop flashing, tried to make sense of the user guide, but i must be missing something, any ideas please?
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    one job several comedians..?

    Before i start this post i really really have to start carrying a camera.. Pricing a job today, to swap lights, move sockets, change sockets etc.. All sorts of work vans here when i arrive, they are getting a conservatory fitted, and i wont give the name away, but it is one of the...
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    My Phone answering machine

    fellas, got a bt telephone answering machine, had it for about 3 years. Not used it for about a year, plugs it in, and all iget is a really bad line, crackling, in fact, it is an unworkable line, any ideas?
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    electric or gas?

    fellas, gas fires or electric fires, whats your opinions on pros and cons?
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    electric or gas?

    fellas, gas fires or electric fires, whats your opinions on pros and cons?
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    Why Bother

    went to replace a shower unit this morning, the millisecond i got there i knew it was a diy house all over. Shower on 30amp rewirable, no rcd, tns with a 6mm earthing conductor that was broke but sort of attached to the bonding, i could go on and on....brass wall lights in the bathroom over the...
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    Is this the item im looking for?

    fellas, need to install a dimmer in a 16mm backbox (wont fit)...would normally replace with a 25mm, but without going into it, this option is not possible.. Will this item give me more space to fit the dimmer into? if not, can somebody post a link to the item i am looking for, cheers all...
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    tv ariel question

    fellas if i install a tv ariel at ground floor level (in a false ceiling) what sort of reception will i be likely to get...cheers
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    fellas, 1 socket circuit protected by 32amp rcbo, kept tripping. Unplugged all appliances, kept tripping after 4 seconds. Swapped for another rcbo, same again, tripped at 4 seconds later, im a bit stumped, any ideas?