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    Air in one radiator

    Hi, :( I keep getting air trapped at the top of one radiator. The pump is vertically mounted and therefore self bleeding. Also, I don't know if this is related, but when the heating comes on you can hear the water entering or priming the system up again. Also, when the boiler has...
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    Felt Roof Repair

    Could someone suggest all the tooling, parts and basic steps in repairing or replacing the felt roof on a dorma. Thanks
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    Aluminium double glazed window pane refitting

    Hi, :( My house was built by Varnie :( in 1970 and has double glazed alumium frame windows which have condensation. The black rubber seals have shrunk with age and I would like to understand how the window panes are disassembled and assembled so that I can remove the glass, clean it and...