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    Lovely old white painted woodgreenhouse in very sorry state

    Hi guys, I have a very old painted white greenhouse,some wooden panels rotten and paint peeled away, its solid but in a very sorry state. Having just moved into the house cannot afford some one to do the job. Apart from putty can anyone suggest anything else that is just as effective to...
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    Use weedkiller not wanting to seep into neighbours garden

    Hi, I have lots of weeds and wild grass growing through parts of 'my' garden some has gone through and started to grow into my neighbours garden. Its very tough and would take me ages to remove by digging it out. I do not want to use anything too strong and don't want anything in my...
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    Mountfield Princess lawnmower grass stops the blade rotating

    Hi Guys, I have been given a Princess Mountfield for cutting the grass but I have I am going to go out and buy a bag for collecting the grass for it (not the issue), the person who owned it went abroad and left the machine with me. The main issue I have is when cutting the grass the rotating...
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    Extractor fan fitted on bathroom window

    Bought an electric extractor fan to replace the faulty existing one in my bathroom. The old one used to go on when you switched on the light. The guy who put in the new one said to me that regulation doesn’t require you to connect it to the electricity anymore. Meanings when the light goes on...
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    A diaphragm or crap to make them feel they are in control

    No hot water throughout the house after I was getting some work done at home. I got told it was my fan that needed replaced in the boiler, so I ordered a fan and after the workers went home through help on this site I managed to get my heating working but no hot water. Now my fan is sitting...
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    New Fan or the chappie does not know

    Had a new Baxi Solo 3 boiler fitted a few years ago,