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    Should this flexible ducting not be rigid?

    I recently had a bathroom fan fitted with the flexible ducting going through the loft to the outside wall. From what I have read flexible ducting going through a cold space should be insulated to prevent condensation and lead to problems like legionnaires disease. Having read further from what...
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    DPC less than 150mm on back patio. Options?

    Slept on it guys. Going to go for option 1. Keep it simple!
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    DPC less than 150mm on back patio. Options?

    I have a bungalow built in 1960 which is being renovated. I have no intentions to sell the property for many years but do not want issues arising with the survey when I come to sell. At the back of the property where the wall meets the patio the DPC is less than the recommended 150mm. Approx...
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    Dormer pitch shallow

    I have just purchased a 2 bed dormer bungalow near Preston, pics attached along with neighbouring properties. Mine is the one with the brown wooden windows. Circa 1965, previous owner deceased and property had become neglected. I had concerns about the roof leaking when I initially made the...
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    Dangling metal flue + air brick?

    Hello I am new to DIYnot. This week I had an old baxi bermuda taken out leaving a gaping old in the chimney breast. A new combi was then put into the kitchen. It was a big job and took 2 days. Rather than just bricking the front of the hole up I am thinking of making a small cove using cement...