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    Valliant ecotec 831 plusR1 - Replace boiler or Diverter Valve.

    I have a Valliant ecotec 831 plusR1 with a leaky diverter valve. If I reduce the heating pressure and leave the heating off the leak stops so I'm still using the boiler in the short term. (As an aside after 10 years in situ it started leaking - turned out the Condensate hose had popped off. Is...
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    Dropping a Chimney...

    I've got a tall narrow chimney which leaks in certain strong wind directions (in practice a frequency of about once every 18 months.) In my imagination it looks as thought a slight puff of wind would knock it down although I'm sure it's a good deal stronger than it looks. Been quoted £1000...
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    Roof Tile Identification - What text/number uniquely identif

    I'm trying to identify a tile form half a tile, this is the text I can see: Design 871887 ...onewold Redland Trademark: 723043 28991/53 I'm assuming that means it's a Redland Stonewold tile, perhaps similar to these...
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    Tracing the Cause Of Damp

    Interesting. I put this down to condensation for a long time but decided that that was wishful thinking because the bubbles seemed to appear in rainy times rather than dry and because the window was so obviously leaking. I suppose it's entirely possible the problem in downstairs rooms is...
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    Tracing the Cause Of Damp

    Agree it's perhaps time for a pro. The pointing is shot. If I get a builder to do the pointing all the other suspicious areas can be sorted at the same time the problem might be fixed. A Damp Surveyor might give me a few simple things I can do myself or he might just say: "The pointing...
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    Tracing the Cause Of Damp

    Winter only, after heavy gale/rain you can actually see damp/paint bubbling. House build in 1960. Brick cavity wall. Insulation - see above I'm really not sure. UPVC windows. Yes central heating although the damp is the sid of the house with no radiators. 2 people in the house+1 toddler. No...
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    Warped Wood Burner Baffle.

    Over 3 years use my wood burner baffle is a little bit warped from occasional overheating. Enough to leave a small gap that flames can lick up at the back presumably sending precious heat that should be warming my toes straight up my chimney. Stove is a Clearview 400. Now personally I have...
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    Tracing the Cause Of Damp

    This last stormy winter we had a fair bit of damp in one wall. I've got ideas of my own where could be coming in but I'm wondering if it's worth getting someone with no pre-conceived ideas to give an opinion. Is a specialist damp surveyor a good idea? ( Or...
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    Pointing Narrow Gap.

    We've got a cavity wall that's going to need repointing when the weather improves. Some of the horizontal gaps between bricks are very narrow indeed. (Perhaps 5-3mm?) I'm wondering how the guys doing the pointing will a) Get the old mortar out. b) Get new mortar in...
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    Leaking window.

    Thanks Gazman. Some images here, mostly self explanatory but: - The vertical pointing looks more or less missing above the window. - Even when there was no rain you can see drops at the top of the window (the one taken upwards from inside the house.) Wonder...
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    Leaking window.

    Not really, the sill has a good slope on it and I can't see any evidence of damp outside. Mind you, the wind today blew the outside of the house dry in no time.
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    Leaking window.

    Thanks for your comment. Externally, yes, there's a bead under the cill. If that's what you mean?
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    Chimney leak...

    Yeah, deffo not used and it's hard to imagine it ever would be now. Back it the day it probably had a boiler under it. Thanks, not what I was hoping due to a rather vulnerable brand new EPDM first floor roof. :) Thanks that's great.
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    Leaking window.

    We had a window installed a year or so ago. It's clearly leaking left and right side. The original installer has visited a second time and put more sealant on to no effect. I've climbed up to look and it all looks well sealed each side. However the window is clearly at an angle...
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    Wet Wall.

    3 bed Semi, south facing wall is damp inside after extended rain. It seems to me the water is coming in on a window for the stair landing in the middle of the wall half way up the house. Water is certainly getting in both sides of this window (another thread about that) but the pointing is...
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    Chimney leak...

    We've got a tall spindly chimney which let water in during the gale before Christmas. I've suspected it's leaking for ages. [1] Precious advice suggests it'll be quicker and easier to have it removed rather than properly capping it, having it repointed and new flashing. - Am I right in...
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    Solar Power PIR External Light.

    I've read amazon reviews but I was hoping to get some real world input fomr the people who have some first hand practical experience.
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    Solar Power PIR External Light.

    I'd like an external light powered by Solar power with a PIR switch. I'd like 12m range. Does the PIR draw much juice? If I do find a solution with decent PIR range will I find it won't light up towards the end of a long winter night? TIA.
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    Cooker Stability Chain

    Thanks Kirkgas, it's a flexible hose.