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    Radiators not warming up properly at the end of a run

    3 level 4 bedroom house. megaflow in the loft. Only two Radiators in whole house has TRV's. One right at the top close to megaflow and one right at the bottom furtherest away. The rest of the rads have normal locksheilds on. The two radiators on the ground floor in an open plan kitchen come...
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    Service a wall mounted thermostatic control cover plate

    The valve has two controls. Firstly the control that controls the heat is stuck and will not turn. Secondly I can losen the cover plate, but can't seem to get the controls off. No allen key holes or anything. Seem like they should just pull off. Taps are about 4 years old, customer complained...
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    Ideal Boiler

    My ideal boiler is not igniting. should I switch it off. I switched the immersion heater on to warm the water. What would the best way be to fix my boiler.