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    5 bar gate twisted

    HI Hi, I'm fitting a new 5 bar gate to existing posts, the old gate has rotted away. I'll refer to the existing cemented in posts as the hinged end and the latch end I first fitted the gate to the post with the hinges( hinged end ), put the spirit level on it and it was vertical )straight up)...
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    British Gas 330 Boiler (Flue)

    Hi, I've recently had a service on my boiler and have been told the flue is unsafe (rust). Are flue parts still available for this boiler ? My plumber seemed a bit sceptical and said if he could not get them it was going to be a new boiler. Regards, Andy
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    Oven Switch Location

    Hi Gents, We are fitting new units and having a tidy up in the kitchen. There is an oven and a ceramic hob, the oven switch (which includes a mains socket) is located in the wall next to the oven but directly above the ceramic hob, about two feet above it. Is this OK above the hob or do...
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    Hi, I'm helping someone terrace their garden which is sloping away from the house and are intending to build two 2ft high terraces which should level the back garden. We have had 3 houghts for materials o use for terracing and I wondered if others on the forum had any experience with them...
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    Light Switches / Mains Sockets

    Hi, How do profesional decorators always get the mains sockets and light switches fitting flush to the wall (touching all the way around) once they have finished painting a wall. Mine always seem to touch 95% of the way around but there is always a bit where there is a bit of space. Is...
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    Mist Painting

    Hi, I'm applying a coat of mist paint to a recently plastered wall that has been drying for a couple of weeks. Mostly the paint has gone on nicely, a very even white finish, but in a couple of places it has gone on with a blotchy finish. Is this because the wall has not yet dried fully ...
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    Gloworm boiler tripping.

    Hi, I've got a Glow worm ultimate boiler that has stopped working. I changed a radiator earlier in the week for which I drained the system and then refilled it afterwards, all the rad's have bled OK. What happens now is the boiler fires up OK and the flame stays lit for a couple of...
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    Hot Water tap running dry

    I've recently had an En suite consisting of a shower/sink and toilet fitted off one of the 1st floor bedrooms. The hot water supply to the sink and shower has stopped working. You open the tap and a few warm drops come out. The pipework for both the hot and cold is fed via the loft, where...
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    12 Volt Lighting - Where to put Transformers

    I'm fitting some 12 volt downlights in a kitchen ceiling, the ground floor of a two storey house. Rather than fit the two transformers, which are rather large, in the ceiling where once the bathroom floor is down are going to be a real pain to get to, I would like to fit them in the kitchen...